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BOONE — Kiddos who love to carry a tune are in luck this summer as the Three Forks Baptist Association prepares to host its inaugural weeklong Music Adventures Choir Camp July 22-26.

Registration is now open for all rising first- through fourth-graders, and the camp will take place from 9 a.m. to noon each day at the association’s office, 513 Jefferson Road in Boone.

Three Forks Bethlehem and Beyond Coordinator Kandy Taylor said the camp aims to help participating children better understand how God is at work in their lives.

“The goal is to remind us that even though our world is tough sometimes, God is still good — all of the time. He has a history of providing,” said Taylor. “Daniel was safe in the lion’s den. Moses was afraid of the Egyptians coming after him, but God showed him how to face his fear and he would deliver them by parting the Red Sea. David faced Goliath, who was way bigger than he was, and God made David’s aim perfect. God isn’t just a God of the past.”

“What is he doing for you today? What did he do for you yesterday? We need to see, think about and talk about God’s continual goodness. We will learn new songs to help us remember and see new provisions. We will make new friends and learn about rhythms through a fun ‘adventure.’”

Children will enjoy playing games based on Biblical truths, create a wooden craft to take home and give a presentation for parents at 11 a.m. on the last day to showcase everything they have learned over the week. Snacks will be provided each day.

Camp leaders and music teachers, most attendants of Perkinsville Baptist Church, agree that music will be a fun and memorable way to help kids grasp the Word of God.

“When I think about music or choir or any singing, I remember all the things I’ve learned. I mean, how did you learn your ABCs? You didn’t memorize the letters in order. You memorized a song, and even now as an adult, when someone says something about the alphabet, you revert back to that song,” Taylor said. “It sounds kind of crazy, but everyone knows it’s true. We can teach so many truths through music. It helps you relax and promotes learning.

“Getting involved in music is a gateway to other activities and learning. You may forget what lessons you learned, what craft projects you did and maybe even some of the games you played, but the music will always come back to you.”

The camp will cost $75 per child and payments may be made at the association office or mailed to 513 Jefferson Road in Boone by July 12. Checks should be made payable to Kandy Taylor.

To register a child or ask questions about the camp, contact Kandy Taylor at 828-773-4009 or the association office at 828-264-4482.

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