Editor’s note: This article features news and photos from past editions of the Watauga Democrat.

Oct. 22, 1931

The Peoples Bank and Trust Company was converted into an industrial bank, specializing in savings deposits, convenient installment loans and handling of commercial paper, according to a Watauga Democrat article titled “Industrial Bank to be organized in this county.”

“Since this need has grown to be almost a necessity, it has been unanimously decided by the stockholders and directors of the Peoples Bank and Trust Company of Boone to convert this bank into an industrial institution which shall be known as the Peoples Industrial Bank, and thereby much better serve the interests of depositors and those needing to borrow money,” the bank stated a few days earlier.

Accounts were transferred over and stock in the bank was converted, plus $10,000 of new stock was added. According to inflation calculators, $10,000 in 1931 is worth more than $168,000 in 2019.

In other news, Della Lewis of Meat Camp won first place at the Bargain Carnival in Boone, which was a cash prize of $7.50.

Oct. 25, 1971

Minutes from the 29th session of the Three Forks Baptist Association in September 1869 were found by a Meat Camp resident more than 100 years later while clearing out his father’s things, according to a Watauga Democrat article titled “Unity and discipline topics 1869 meet.”

Daniel Boone Ragan, 83 at the time, of Meat Camp, found it among some other important paperwork his late father had.

The paperwork includes notes on committee appointments, as well as church exclusions for members “for causing division.”

A centrally located learning laboratory, sponsored by Caldwell Community College, was set up in Boone to help adults attain a high school diploma.

Oct. 24, 2001

More than 150 individuals demonstrated at the Jones House on West King Street in favor of peace and ending the recently started war in Afghanistan on Oct. 23, 2001.

The organizers, High Country Citizens for Peace, was formed after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks from seven weeks prior and asked that the U.S. end its war on terror and use more diplomatic solutions.

“We support President (George W.) Bush’s resolve to end terrorism, but not his military agenda for doing it,” the group stated. “We believe that the best security for the world is peace, particularly in the Middle East.”

The ripple effects from the Sept. 11 terrorist attack were still being felt locally as Halloween events were concerned about decreased attendance. This was partially due to an email hoax that told people to stay away from malls on Oct. 31, as detailed in an article titled “Halloween is on but special caution is being taken.”

Then-Boone Police Chief Bill Post told the Watauga Democrat that plans were in place to have officers at the Boone Mall and residential areas during Halloween events, saying it was part of a “highly visible presence.”

Tanger Outlets, which hosts a Halloween night event at its Blowing Rock location, said that they would not host the event in 2001, with the decision being a corporate one. Boone Mall said they were planning for additional security.

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