Editor’s note: This article features news and photos from past editions of the Watauga Democrat.

Nov. 7, 1968

“Contracts for the construction of Appalachian State University’s most expensive building, a $2.6 million addition to the Rankin Science Building, have been awarded to seven firms which submitted low bids for the project’s different phases,” stated an article in the Nov. 7, 1968, Watauga Democrat article titled “Contracts Awarded For $2,640,000 Addition To ASU Science Building.”

“The building, to be erected on the site of the old football field just west of the new Varsity Gymnasium, will be attached to Rankin Science Building,” the article stated.

“The building actually was designed in part by the teachers who will be instructing in it,” the article stated.

“It will be one of the most modern science buildings of its kind,” stated Ned Trivette, director of business affairs at ASU at the time.

Nov. 6, 1978

A Watauga Democrat article from Nov. 6, 1978, titled “Water Problem in Boone: Last Year It Was the Flood, This Year It’s The Drought” detailed Watauga County’s drought dangers.

“Last fall, the worst flood in 37 years hit the North Carolina mountains,” the article stated. “A year ago today, floods resulting from 13.11 inches of rain in a five-day span turned Boone into a disaster area. This year, no rain has fallen in that same five-day span, turning Boone into a drought-stricken tinderbox.

“Less rain has fallen this fall than the autumn of 1938, when 3,500 acres of woodland burned in Watauga County. That fall was the previous driest period since 1929.

“So far, damages due to the drought have been held to a minimum, but the possibility of disaster lingers. Several small forest fires have already been extinguished in the county,” the article stated.

“In addition to the hazardous fire conditions, the danger of flooding once the rains do come looms in the future, according to forest service officials,” the article stated.

Nov. 7, 1988

“College professors sat next to Christmas tree growers who sat next to county commissioners who sat next to high school students who had all come together just as they have for the past 33 years to honor each other’s efforts,” began a Watauga Democrat article from Nov. 7, 1988. The article, “Farm-City: Residents gather for fellowship, sharing” reports of the Farm City Banquet which celebrates High Country farmers and the surrounding community.

“What started in the Cove Creek School in 1955 as a small gathering of farmers and members of the smaller outlying communities has gradually grown into an event that includes members of all facets of Watauga County society,” the article stated.

“‘This is a way to recognize those individuals and groups that have volunteered their time to make Watauga County a better place,’ said Gene Brewer, director of the Agricultural Extension Service in Watauga County,” the article stated.

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