Editor’s note: This article features news and photos from past editions of the Watauga Democrat.

Sept. 14, 1922

The Sept. 14, 1922, publication of the Watauga Democrat reported an accidental shooting by Prohibition Enforcement Officers in Shelby. I.B. Miller was shot after being pulled over by the officers who “thought the car contained whiskey.” She was accompanied by her husband and daughter.

As officers were getting out of their car, “their machine was quickly thrown into gear and moved off at a rapid rate of speed.” According to one of the officers, “some one shot.”

Miller was “probably fatally injured” and the four officers involved were being held on a $500 bond each.

Sept. 17, 1942

A soldier in World War II was saved from a gunshot by a flashlight in his pocket. Private Charles Belknap’s flashlight “deflected a (Japanese) machine gun slug when it tore through his hip pocket.”

On Sept. 16, Watauga County hosted a Donkey Baseball competition on the Appalachian High School grounds, with admission being 15 cents and 35 cents. Donkey Baseball was said to be “the laff-riot of the season” with “every donkey really trained.” Proceeds from the event went to the Blind Fund of the Boone Lions Club, according to the Sept. 17, 1942, publication.

Sept. 20, 1962

Governor Terry Sanford spoke to high school students and other guests at an educational rally to develop his plan for quality education. Sanford’s audience in Boone was made up of 2,500 people.

“The governor challenged the students to stay in school, to broaden their opportunity, broaden their outlook, and make preparation for the ever-widening areas of work and responsibility,” the Watauga Democrat reported in the Sept. 20, 1962 issue.

This 1962 issue also previews the annual Autumn Leaf Train in West Jefferson. The cost for adults was $7, $3.50 for children younger than 12 and $1.25 for children under the age of five.

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