Editor’s note: This article features news and photos from past editions of the Watauga Democrat.

May 29, 1941

A total of $150 to provide amusement, recreational and other facilities to American soldiers was sought from Watauga County citizens, according to a Watauga Democrat article titled “United Service organization seeks to raise $150 in Watauga County.”

The unit was formed in Watauga County with Watt Gregg serving as chair, R.L. Bingham named vice-chair and Gene Wike as publicity director.

“The United Service organization is the result of the coordination of resources and activities of the YMCA, the National Catholic Community service, the Salvation Army, the YWCA, the Jewish Welfare Board and the National Travelers Aid Association,” the article stated.

The national goal for the organization was $10,765. Township committees were set up in Blowing Rock, Boone, Cove Creek and Valle Crucis with other community subcommittees to be named.

June 2, 1955

The longest session in the history of the North Carolina General Assembly finished on May 26, 1955, gavelled out at 12:44 p.m. that day, according to a Watauga Democrat article titled “Legislature adjourns its longest session.”

“It topped by one day the old record set by the depression days 1931 ‘long parliament’ session,” the article stated. “The struggle to determine how new taxes should be raised occupied much of the time of both assemblies.”

According to the article, the last piece of legislation to go through was raising the salary of the state superintendent of public instruction, starting in 1957, from $10,000 to $13,500 a year.

Nowadays, the “long session” of the North Carolina General Assembly, held in odd-numbered years, often runs well into the summer.

May 29, 1987

The Boone Police Department was to move into its new facilities on Blowing Rock Road on July 1 1987,, according to then Boone Town Manager Len. D. Hagaman Jr. according to the Watauga Democrat article, “Police to get new home.”

“Hagaman said that workmen are currently installing the conduit through which police communications cables will be pulled, and modifications to the building, currently housing Reinstardivant Funeral Directors, will be minor,” the article stated.

The police would be moving out of its space on West King Street, which was owned by the Eggers family. Stacy Eggers III told the Watauga Democrat that the family would move its law firm into the vacated police department building on Aug. 30.

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