Editor’s note: This article features news and photos from past editions of the Watauga Democrat.

Jan. 26, 1961

“North Carolina has become, it would appear, the fair-haired child of the Kennedy administration, in the matter of high level appointments,” stated a Watauga Democrat article titled “Carolina Again Recognized.”

“With Governor Hodge firmly established in the business of managing the Commerce Department, now comes word that three Carolinians have been tapped for important posts in the Department of Agriculture.

“Charles S. Murphy, a native of Wallace, was appointed under Secretary of Agriculture; Horace D. Godfrey of Raleigh, administrator of the Commodity Stabilization Service, and Harry B. Caldwell, of Greensboro, Chairman of the Secretary of Agriculture’s Advisory Committee,” the article stated.

“Governor Sanford says that the President has ‘recognized the importance of North Carolina in the nation’s farm economy and the abilities of three outstanding men … ’” the article stated.

Jan. 29, 1981

“A petition calling for a new mixed drink referendum in the town of Blowing Rock has been filed with the Watauga County Board of Elections,” stated a Watauga Democrat article titled “Vote Requested: New Mixed Drink Petition Filed.”

“County elections officials said that the petition would have to contain 157 signatures in order to be validated, but that validation might be delayed due to the current voter registration problems in Blowing Rock,” the article stated. “Following a protest of the Aug. 8 election in which the sale of mixed drinks was approved by a 303-269 vote, the state Board of Elections declared the election was null and void.”

Jan. 24, 2001

“Talk about role reversal: This time the Rock will smell what someone else is cooking,” stated a Watauga Democrat article titled “PBS cooking show on herbs filming in Blowing Rock.”

“Of course, in this case the Rock refers to the town of Blowing Rock, not the pro wrestling hero. As for the cooking, that will be done by Tim Haas and Jan Beane. Haas and Beane will be filming an episode of their new cooking show, ‘Herbal Impressions,’ at the Ragged Gardens Inn,” the article stated.

“According to the pair’s web site … they hope to use the show to ‘educate the viewers of the culinary as well as medical value of herbs,’” the article stated.

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