Editor’s note: This article features news and photos from past editions of the Watauga Democrat.

June 19, 1947

Incumbent Boone Mayor Gordon H. Winkler was voted into a third term in an election held on June 17, 1947, with a 68-vote edge over W.H. Gregg, according to a Watauga Democrat article titled “Winkler re-elected Mayor of Boone.”

“More than eight hundred votes were cast in the election, which followed an intensive campaign by both political parties, and interest in the outcome of the balloting reached a high pitch,” the article stated. “The town, normally Democratic by a considerable majority, has in years past switched to the Republican column, and many politically-minded persons had held the outcome in doubt until the tallies were completed.”

The Democrats also won on the Boone aldermen, with Guy Hunt receiving 502 votes, Grady Moretz getting 459 votes and C.C. Cooke rounding out the elected officials with 450 votes. The highest number a Republican alderman candidate received was M.R. Maddux gaining 345 votes.

In other news at the time, construction work on a new road from Boone to Blowing Rock was slated to start. At Appalachian State Teachers College, the school hired E.C. Duggins and Francis Hoover as the football and men’s basketball coaches, respectively.

June 17, 1965

The First Baptist Church of Boone was to hold its first service at its new $400,000 church on June 20, according to a Watauga Democrat article titled “First Baptist observes (finished) $400,000 project.”

“The remodeled sanctuary seats 865 persons including the choir loft,” the article stated. “The new chapel, including choir, seats 225. The educational facility (provides) 14 assembly rooms for various departments, nursery through adults, with classroom space for 807 if attendance of various age groups is in keeping with calculated estimates.”

In other news, the N.C. General Assembly approved $9 million in funding for Appalachian State Teachers College, according to Rep. J.E. Holshouser Jr. Currently, Appalachian State University receives over $130 million in annual appropriations from the state.

The Watauga Democat also reported that N.C.’s governor Dan K. Moore was to attend the opening night of the “Horn in the West” drama on June 25. The outdoor drama, which is still ongoing, was going into its 14th season.

June 21, 1989

The town of Boone was planning to delay a vote on starting a recycling program for its citizens due to uncertainties of the market for reusables, according to an article titled “Town puts recycling on hold — for now.”

“Boone Town Manager Len D. Hagaman Jr. said there are many things other than money which also must be considered before the town gets into the recycling business.”

According to Hagaman, the market for recyclable materials was inconsistent, noting the county’s recycling center was not taking paper at the time due to not having a cost-effective way to get rid of it.

“Hagaman said there needs to be at least one or two alternative distribution sources before a full-fledged recycling operation can be effective,” the article stated.

Elsewhere, construction started on a new bridge for U.S. 421 going across the South Fork of the New River in what was east of Boone. And Watauga County approved a $14.7 million budget. In 2019, the county’s budget was just under $60 million.

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