Editor’s note: This article features news and photos from past editions of the Watauga Democrat.

May 14, 1891

An item in the “Local News” column in 1891 included notice that, “On Monday a large drove of sheep passed through Boone(;) there was about 300 head, bought by Mr. Doughton of Alleghany (County). Sheep are high and in demand. We ought to raise more.”

“Frosts in Caldwell were right severe along the water courses,” told another local item, “nipping the corn to the ground, biting garden vegetables and killing much of the fruit in places, but no apparant (sic) damage to the small grain crop.”

A cold weather snap had apparently hit much of the wider region in mid-April of this year.

“Reports from sections of this State and S. C. say. the cotton crop is seriously injured by the frosts of last week,” relayed the Watauga newspaper.

An advertisement that week read, “NOTICE! I am just receiving a new stock of goods bought for cash down and will sell for strickly (sic) pay down, at prices to live and let live, you will do well to call and examine my goods consisting of boots, shoes, dry goods, notions, &c. Yours truly, T. A. Critcher, Bamboo, N.C.”

May 15, 1915

“Wants To Provoke Us,” a headline in a May 15, 1915 issue of the Watauga Democrat’s front page, alleged that, “When Germany proclaimed a war zone around the British isles and told the balance of the world to look out, our government warned the Teutons that they would be held responsible for the loss of American lives. Some weeks ago an American, Leon C. Thresher, was drowned by the sinking of the British ship Falaba.

“An investigation of this incident has been completed but a report has not been made and it is not known what the government’s course will be. In the meantime German aircraft dropped bombs on the American steamer Cushing, in the North sea. No lives were lost but Germany will probably be asked to explain about that. Now comes the report of the sinking of the American steamer Gulflight by German submarines. The captain of the Gulflight died of the shock and two members of the crew jumped overboard and were drowned,” related the news item.

“The multiplication of these incidents would indicate that Germany wants to provoke us,” ended the article.

In local news of the week, “Attorney F. A. Linney, Ex-Sheriff John W. Hodges and Register of Deeds W. R. Gragg, all of Boone, have possessed themselves of automobiles of the Ford variety within the past few days, and joy-riding with them is an everyday occurrence now.”

Construction projects in town were under way with the progression of springtime, this year. “The brick machinery has been moved from the school property and is being put in place on the farm of Mr. J. S. Winkler,” according to the newspaper. “Mr. Alfred Miller, of Lenoir, one of the owners, will be in charge, and as soon as the weather will admit brick making will begin for the new Baptist church.”

May 29, 1941

A total of $150 to provide amusement, recreational and other facilities to American soldiers was sought from Watauga County citizens, according to a Watauga Democrat article titled “United Service organization seeks to raise $150 in Watauga County.”

The unit was formed in Watauga County with Watt Gregg serving as chair, R.L. Bingham named vice-chair and Gene Wike as publicity director.

“The United Service organization is the result of the coordination of resources and activities of the YMCA, the National Catholic Community service, the Salvation Army, the YWCA, the Jewish Welfare Board and the National Travelers Aid Association,” the article stated.

The national goal for the organization was $10,765. Township committees were set up in Blowing Rock, Boone, Cove Creek and Valle Crucis with other community subcommittees to be named.

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