BOONE — Approximately 71 talent acts of Watauga County Schools students were narrowed down to 28 for the annual Shooting Stars talent showcase on Friday, April 12.

Shooting Stars is a county-wide event presented by the Watauga Education Foundation — a nonprofit made up of a board of volunteers. Funds from Shooting Stars go toward supporting educators who foster a love of learning via grants that are used by classroom teachers.

Shooting Stars will take place at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, April 12, at Appalachian State University’s Schaefer Center for the Performing Arts. Doors will open at 6 p.m. Tickets are $10 and can be picked up at the box office at the Schaefer Center or by visiting and going to the online box office.

Cassandra Steffen — Shooting Stars performing arts producer — said the show not only showcases a variety of talent, but also the courage of the performers. She explained that students went through talent shows at their individual schools, practiced outside of school as well as competed in closed auditions.

“They’ve had to go through a lot of different steps to get to this point,” Steffen said.

Shooting Stars


The Shooting Stars show is broken up into two acts — with 14 performances in the first act and 14 in the second. The Watauga High School Honors Choir will open the show.

The next act will be Beethoven’s “Piano Sonata 8 in C Minor” by Oliver Johnston of Parkway. Following Johnston is Grace Young and Zoe Critcher — both of Parkway — with a clogging performance to “Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride.”

Watauga High School student Lindsey Fletcher will then sing “Somebody to Love.” Olivia Winger and Louie Winger of Blowing Rock, accompanied by John Winger, will then perform “White Freightliner Blues.”

Skylar Moss of Parkway will perform a solo dance act to “Brave.” Following Moss is Moriah Bollman of Parkway singing “Valerie.” Watauga High School student Vincent Troyer is then set to perform “A Bird in a Cage” on the piano. Clayo Kulczyk, from Green Valley, follows with a vocal performance of “Speechless.”

Darla Bachman and Montana Rattler of Blowing Rock, otherwise known as the “Dynamic Duo” will perform a gymnastics routine for the audience. Watauga High School student Hope Langston will follow the Dynamic Duo with a piano and vocal performance of “Broken With You” — an original song.

Elizabeth Coley, Lily Baye Maple, Colby Hester, Marley Finch, Madeline Powell and Margaret Greene will come together for a lyrical dance performance of “Gotta Live.” Olivia Winger of Blowing Rock will then sing “Big City” and play guitar. Tommie Freundlich of Watauga High School is singing “Kindergarten Boyfriend.”

The following group is performing an act called “Peter Pan”: Hannah Adams, Nella Altneu, Melody Baker, Grace Bauler, Ella Boone, Madalyn Bowlsbey, Alan Brewster, Jacen Brewster, Ella Bridgeman, Kaleygh Brown, Caroline Childers, Bayly Clifton, Addison Fitzpatrick, Elliana Flores, Madelyn Gilliam, Harper Gough, William Greene, Marlie Greer, Madelyn Halcomb, Annaston Hall, Cora Hensley, Addin Hodges, Ellary Jackson, Sadie Ledford, McKenzie Lee, Everly Lester, Maura Moretz, Helen McWhorter, Lily Shephard, Willa Sibley, Parker Strickland, Adalyn Thompson, Maci Trivette, Anabelle Vannoy, Shaylyn Walker, Kendall Watts, Abby Webb, Doriannah Whitehead and Liliana Lemus.

After intermission, high school students Hope Langston, Emilie Malliot, Ethan Finch, Zaden Connel, Emma Shepherd and Michael Stamey will perform together as the Radiate Worship Band.

A jump roping group — the Boone Bouncers — will then perform. This group consists of Julia Smith (Valle Crucis), Lexi Hurst (Hardin Park) and Juliet Eagles (Valle Crucis). Sydney Marsh of Blowing Rock will follow the Boone Bouncers with a vocal performance of “Never Enough.”

Joshua Moretz of Green Valley is planned to perform “Solfeggietto in C Minor” on the piano. Students of Blowing Rock — Willa Rupp and Zoey Zagst — will then perform a duet skit, “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better.” The audience will then see a performance of an Allegro/Russian Folk Song on the piano and the violin by Audrey Shields of Valle Crucis.

Sisters Sophie Helms and Stevie Helms of Green Valley are performing “Count On Me” — a vocal and piano piece. This is followed by a performance of a dance routine to “Better When I’m Dancing” by Ellary Jackson from Hardin Park. Singing “Riptide” and playing the ukulele is Liliana Lemus of Parkway.

Parkway students Korbel Cook, Ellary Smith and Grayson Elliott will be accompanied by Tommy Smith as the Blue Ridge Beanstringers. Lyle Winger from Blowing Rock will follow this act with a rendition of “Folsom Prison Blues“ — accompanied by Louie Winger and John Winger.

Hardin Park student Lauren Yu will perform “Intervention No. 8” on the piano. Abagael Anderson from Watauga High School will then sing “Think Of Me.” To wrap up the performances is Jackson Martin from Watauga High School with a magic act called “Nailed It.”

Artwork from visual artists is included in the talent showcase. All submitted work is original artwork done by a student or group of students without adult assistance.

Students in the 2019 visual arts category are Annika Willis (WHS), Zoe Brown (WHS), Grant Holder (WHS), Hannah Hengst (WHS), Marie Kallestad (WHS), Hallie Rose Donadio (WHS), Alan Jair Alvarez (WHS), Kyla Marze (WHS) Emma Clarke (Parkway), Cam Welch (Mabel), Marlie Greer (Parkway), Audrey Grace Shields (Valle Crucis), Maia Carter (Valle Crucis), Eleanore Melillo (Valle Crucis), Justice Conklin (Parkway), Madelyn Halcomb (Parkway), Megan May (Green Valley), Ella Canter (Green Valley), Brian Newmark (Hardin Park), Ezekiel Walker (Green Valley), Kylie Eldreth (Bethel), Chandler McGuire (Blowing Rock), Maya Flood (Valle Crucis), Sydney Dyer (Blowing Rock), Genevieve Powell (Blowing Rock), Emma Rasco (Parkway), Zoe Lee (Parkway), Madelyn Ellis (Hardin Park), Gwendolyn Anderson (Hardin Park), Anna Grace Anderson (Blowing Rock), Isabella Hoyle (Blowing Rock) and Kai Plummer (Cove Creek).

An artist reception for the visual artwork students took place at the Jones House for the April First Friday Art Crawl on April 5. Artwork will be displayed at the Jones House throughout the month of April.

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