SEVEN DEVILS — The town of Seven Devils celebrated the grand opening of its new town hall with events all over the town on Aug. 23.

The new town hall is on the corner of Seven Devils Road, right off N.C. Highway 105, across from the Speedway gas station at the base of the hill that winds up through the town.

The facility used to be owned by SkyLine/SkyBest and was recently purchased by the town. For several years the facility was only available for lease but was made available for purchase in March.

The town had been saving funds to invest in building a new town hall before the building became available for purchase. The 5,000-square-foot facility is an upgrade from the town’s 50-year-old previous town hall.

The property also includes more than seven acres of land.

“We looked into building a town hall of much lesser proportions and much less quality build than what this is, and they’re all in the same amount of money that we could purchase this for,” Mayor Larry Fontaine said.

Fontaine added the additional acreage will allow the town room to grow. The facility also has nearly 20 parking places, parking for police vehicles and a separate police entrance around the back of the building. The ceiling tiles would move when the wind would blow at the old facility.

“We were property poor where we were,” Fontaine said.

Fontaine said the position would help the building become the flagship of the town.

Fontaine said the building is a David Patrick Moses design. Moses is behind a number of municipal buildings in the High Country.

The town had socializing at the grand opening followed by a cookout in the afternoon, and concluded the evening with a performance by bluegrass outfit Dixie Dawn followed by the internationally renowned Kruger Brothers at Seven Devils Resort Club.

The Kruger Brothers is made up of Uwe and Jens Kruger, originally from Switzerland, and Joel Landsberg.

The group, known for their virtuoso bluegrass and new folk performances, has toured extensively and been a mainstay at Wilkesboro’s major bluegrass festival, MerleFest, for years.

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