BOONE — With COVID-19 restrictions in place for assisted living facilities, Caldwell Hospice Care hosted a “Poster Party” at Glenbridge Health and Rehabilitation Center on Wednesday, June 3.

Kathy Eddy, relations coordinator for Caldwell Hospice, said that while the event was held for the residents at Glenbridge, it was also a wonderful way to give thanks to the staff.

“It was just a way to bring some happiness in this time of doom and gloom,” Eddy said.

As family members and others gathered outside by forming a line in the parking lot, they held up signs to bring good cheer, said Alyssa Rainbolt, director of nursing at Glenbridge.

“It was a party train. We participated in a big resident wave and we brought all the residents who were willing to go outside,” Rainbolt said. “We waved from the start of the line all the way to the end. We played music and danced and clapped.”

While family and friends are still unable to visit loved ones inside the facility because of COVID-19, Rainbolt said that one way to see residents in person is to visit through the windows of their rooms.

“Other than that they can visit through (an event) like this, where we line it up, facilitate it and make sure social distancing is occurring,” Rainbolt said. “It was a really good time for family to see their loved ones and have rays of sunshine.”

Eddy, who was in charge of chalking the message on the walkway entrance of Glenbridge, said Caldwell Hospice wanted to thank the heroes who live and work there.

“The workers can go home, but they have to go through all the restrictions,” Eddy said. “They have to wear face masks, they have to have their temperature taken on a daily basis and it’s because the whole principle is safeguarding the residents.”

While the nursing facility has been overwhelmed with donations ranging from masks and hand sanitizers to letters and paintings from children, the “Poster Party” definitely helped lift spirits during this tough time, Rainbolt said.

“It’s just been really uplifting to see the community come together and help out our skilled nursing facility,” Rainbolt said.

Caldwell Hospice Care is a nonprofit hospice care provider in Caldwell County that provides resources for patients in the High Country. For more information, call (828) 754-0101 or (844) MYJOURNEY, or visit

To inquire about making a donation to Glenbridge Health and Rehabilitation Center, call (828) 264-6720.

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