BLOWING ROCK — The meeting space at the American Legion in Blowing Rock was filled with delicious smells and friendly chatter on Nov. 10 during the 12th annual Hometown Harvest.

Hosted by the Blowing Rock Historical Society, the Hometown Harvest is a potluck covered dish dinner open to the community. Blowing Rock Mayor Charlie Sellers opened the event by saying the event is neat because it brings the community together after the summer season. He also invited the group to join in a round of applause for any veterans that were in attendance.

“It’s because of your efforts that we’re here today,” Sellers said. “Thank you so very much.”

Lynn Lawrence, wife of former mayor J.B. Lawrence, led the room in a few lines of “God Bless America,” as she has in years past. Father Andrew Hege of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church then led a prayer before the meal.

“Oh good and gracious God, how wonderful it is to be gathered on this night, how good it is to be around tables, how good it is to be in this place where laughter and joy fills the air,” Hege said in the prayer. “We give you thanks for our time together, for this community that we call home (and) for the food that we will share.”

The community enjoyed various dishes that were brought. A panel of three judges then selected the winners of the event’s cake contest with an adult category and a category for those 15 years and younger. Makena Cook — a four time champion — was named the winner of the 15-and-under category with a cake adorned with a snowman.

Sarah McLane, who came in second place last year with a caramel cake, won first place in the adult division with a coconut cake. Gaining second place in the cake contest was Barbara Matheson with a Veterans Day-inspired cake. Each winner was given a basket of goodies as a prize.

Community members also brought canned food donations for Blowing Rock C.A.R.E.S. and Casting Bread Food Pantries.

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