Nestled in the heart of Blowing Rock, between Blowing Rock School, the Village Cafe and Blowing Rock Ale House, is what is likely the only yellow house in town.

Residing in this home is Jewell Coffey Moody, a lifelong resident of the Blowing Rock area. On Monday, Jan. 20, Moody celebrated her 99th birthday with her friends and family.

“Well I don’t feel any different, I feel very happy,” Moody said when asked how 99 years felt.

Moody said she was the middle child of four brothers and four sisters. Moody and her late husband Max, who died in 2006, had one son, Larry, who owned and operated Moody Furniture in Blowing Rock.

Moody Furniture Factory closed in 2013 and Moody’s Factory Furniture Showroom, located across Sunset Drive, is currently shuttered. The Moody furniture store went through four generations, starting with Charlie Moody in 1920.

For Jewell Moody, many of her memories are happy ones.

“I just remember living at the farm out near Tweetsie; I was always a happy child, I had wonderful parents,” Moody said.

A graduate of Blowing Rock High School, Moody said she remembers former Mayor Grover Robbins and countless others for their work to make Blowing Rock the town it is.

“It was a happy place to live and a healthy place to live,” Moody said.

Moody said she remembers going to horse shows growing up, and that she liked to walk every day.

Her friends know Moody as someone with a big heart.

“Jewell is very generous and thoughtful to her friends,” said Cynthia Weathers, a relative of Moody’s. “For example, when Gail Pitts was paralyzed, Jewell introduced her to gardening. If she has extra food, she always thinks of who she can share it with.”

“I’ve known her all my life, she’s a great gal,” said Peggy Robbins Sellers.

When asked for advice for young people on how to live a long life, Moody said to be happy, work, play, enjoy sports as well as getting out and walking.

“The only reason I’m here is that I was a walker,” Moody said. “I walked all my life and I had a wonderful husband and son who liked to walk.”

Moody said one of her favorite places to walk is Bass Lake’s loop, with it being noted by her caregiver Katrina Morgan that she has walked over the lake after it had iced over.

“We might see it again if it stays like this,” Moody said on Jan. 21, noting the freezing temperatures outside.

In the springtime, Moody will get out in her garden and cultivate her dahlias, which is her favorite flower.

“This property is renowned for its flowers,” Morgan said. “If you come by in the summer time, it’s quite colorful.”

“She loves growing flowers in her yard,” Weathers said.

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