BOONE — The Watauga Education Foundation is presenting the Shooting Stars event — a county-wide talent showcase featuring students from Watauga County Schools — with 27 performances.

Shooting Stars will take place at 6:30 p.m. on April 27 at Appalachian State University’s Schaefer Center for the Performing Arts. Artwork from visual artists will be included in the talent showcase and is displayed at the Jones House during the month of April.

The professional show is produced by Lexi Condon and emceed by David Jackson, president of the Boone Area Chamber of Commerce. Tickets are $10 each and are on sale at the Schaefer Center box office.

Audience members will be entertained and amazed at the talent of the Watauga County student acts. Condon said she is thrilled with the show this year.

“This year’s show will feature many new students in addition to crowd favorites from years past,” Condon said. “We have produced the show so that each act is spotlighted and gets the recognition they deserve. These students work very hard, and it’s our pleasure to showcase their talent.”

The Watauga Education Foundation is a nonprofit made up of a board of volunteers. WEF’s mission is to support educators who foster a love of learning via grant awards that are used by classroom teachers.

Community-oriented events such as the Flapjack Flip and Shooting Stars raise funds to support WEF’s mission. The vision of WEF is to improve and enhance the success of every student in the Watauga County School system by enrichment of classroom instruction by promoting innovative educational experiences, with the highest goal being for each student to reach his or her ultimate potential.

Shooting Stars


Watauga High School performing arts students will open the show with an entertaining opening act — “The Greatest Show” — from the 2017 musical drama film “The Greatest Showman.”

The lineup for the remainder of the evening includes:

Claire Thurman, second grader at Hardin Park, is singing “My Favorite Things” accompanied by her father on the piano.

A fiddle and ukulele performance by Green Valley students fourth-grader Iyla Freed and kindergartener Asa Freed.

A vocal performance of the song “Part of Your World” by Brianna Anderson, a seventh-grader at Blowing Rock.

Hardin Park fifth-graders Lyrical Dance Madi Green and Madeline Powell are performing a lyrical dance called “I’ll Rise Up.”

Samuel Bell, a fourth-grader at Parkway, is performing a piece on the piano called “Bach Invention No. 1.”

A “Whole Lotta’ Shakin’” piano performance will be performed by eighth-grader Jasper Johnston of Parkway School.

Ava Cutlip, a seventh-grade student at Blowing Rock, will perform a dance.

A clogging performance will be given by William Greene, a fourth-grader at Blowing Rock.

Louie Winger will be singing and playing the guitar for a performance called “Foggy Mountain Special.” Winger is a third-grade student at Blowing Rock.

The “Dynamic Duo” — Blowing Rock fifth-grade students Montana Rattler and Darla Bachman — are performing a gymnastics routine.

Parkway sixth-graders — Korbel Cook, Grayson Elliot and Ellary Smith — will be singing and playing guitar for their performance of “Old Time Rock and Roll.”

Oliver Johnston, a sixth-grader at Parkway, is playing the piano for a performance titled “Taking It All in Stride.”

Playing the electric organ for a performance of “Toccata Fugue” will be Bennett Lappin, a sixth-grader at Valle Crucis.

Playing the guitar and violin as well as providing vocals for “Cherokee Shuffle” is Olivia Winger, a fourth-grader at Blowing Rock.

Cora Smith, a fourth-grade student at Parkway, is performing “One Little Song” on guitar and vocals.

The Radiate Worship Band — made up of Watauga High School students Hope Langston, Seth Lawrence, Jacob Walker, Emma Shepard, Emilie Maillot, Caroline Birch and home schooled student Ethan Finch — will use bass, electric instruments and drums.

Performing a lyrical dance called “Supermarket Flowers” is KatieMac Greene, an eighth-grader at Hardin Park.

Fifth-grader Sydney Andrews of Blowing Rock School is providing a vocal/pre-recorded music performance of “Colors of the Wind.”

Green Valley students Peyton Walton (eighth grade), Quinton Church (fifth grade) and Ryker Otto (fifth grade) are dancing to the song “Finesse.”

Singing “If the World Should End” is Watauga High School senior Norma Behrend-Martinez.

A dance titled “Matilda” will be put on by Jenna Sigmon (first-grader at Hardin Park), Mia Stacy (fourth-grader at Grace Academy), Esther Jobe (a homeschooled fifth-grader), Maddy Smart (a homeschooled fifth-grader), Stella Cook (first-grader at Hardin Park), Zoe Critcher (third-grader at Parkway), Grace Young (third-grader at Parkway), Riley Kesler (fourth-grader at Hardin Park), Taylor Kesler (second-grader at Hardin Park), Savannah Moretz (second-grader at Hardin Park), Julie Moretz (fifth-grader at Grace Academy) and Sydney Moretz (fourth-grader at Hardin Park).

Watauga High School junior, Hope Langston, is providing pictures, guitar playing and vocals.

Tyler Osmond, a WHS freshman, is playing guitar for a performance called “Jump the Moon.”

Madelyn Ellis, a seventh-grader at Hardin Park, is singing “At Last.”

The Boone Bouncers — consisting of Hardin Park sixth-grader Lexi Hurst and Valle Crucis fifth-grader Julia Smith — are doing a jump rope routine.

An instrument/vocal performance called “Little Talks” will be provided by WHS seniors Taylor Church and Tyler Walker.

WHS senior Rowan Renfroe is performing a dance to “Radioactive.”

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