HUDSON — Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute, which has campuses in Hudson and Boone, earlier this year released its President’s, Dean’s and Honors lists for the spring 2019 semester.

For inclusion in the President’s List, a student must be full-time and have a grade point average of 4.0. For the Dean’s List, a student must be full-time and have earned a grade point average of 3.5 or higher. Part-time students who earn a 3.5 grade point average or higher qualify for the Honors List.

President’s List honorees in Watauga County include Faith Elaine Abi Haydar, Boone; Hannah Michelle Adcox, Blowing Rock; Jacob Aaron Allen, Boone; Abigail Rose Barry, Sugar Grove; Margaret Joy Barry, Sugar Grove; Ruby Kate Boisclair, Boone; Claudia Brooks Button, Boone; Autumn Brooke Chiarolanzio, Deep Gap; Christian Alexis Coffey, Boone; Kiah Elisabeth Cole, Boone; Alison Taylor Cook, Deep Gap; Crystal Nicole Cornett, Boone; Carolyn Rose Dacchille, Boone; Brady A. Deal, Boone; James Evan Dotson, Boone; Jacob Alexander Ezzell, Boone; Hattie Rose Greene, Boone; Daryk Allen Gresham, Boone; Arielle Patricia Griffin, Boone; Kaleb Michael Kimbro, Boone; Danielle Alyssa Kovasckitz, Boone; William Samuel Lowder, Boone; Donald Ray Martin Jr, Zionville; Lee Riley McDannold, Deep Gap; Pamela Jean Nenow, Boone; Megan Elizabeth Redford, Blowing Rock; Rebecca L. Samuelsen, Deep Gap; Miriam Rebekah Shoaf, Blowing Rock; Matthias Jan Sterckx, Vilas; Faith M. Trivette, Zionville; and Stephanie Kathryn Underwood, Zionville.

Dean’s List honorees in Watauga County include James Tyler Alexander, Vilas; Laken Lynn Blankenship, Sugar Grove; Lydia Ashley Brooks, Vilas; Annette Moretz Cochran, Boone; Wyatt Reed Crispell, Boone; Bailey Catherine Dalton, Boone; Leland James Dees, Todd; Joshua David Dopp, Blowing Rock; Rubi Esmeralda Escobar Jaramillo, Deep Gap; Andrew William Greene, Vilas; Melvin Nathaniel Greene, Boone; Lydia Ruth Gregory, Boone; Andrew Tiberius Isaacs, Boone; Noah Robert Jennings, Sugar Grove; Zoee Meredith LeBlanc, Boone; Veronica Lynn Makdad, Boone; Isaac Maling, Boone; Vivian Greene Meadows, Blowing Rock; Katherine Michelle Merchant, Deep Gap; Catherine Skye Mitkus, Zionville; Miles Simpson-Quigley, Boone; Mark Alvin Taylor, Vilas; Jacob Daniel Thomason, Boone; Jamie Anne Thompson, Boone; Caroline Rose Trew, Boone; Rebekah Marie Trivette, Zionville; Madalyn Chellsie Truett, Boone; Abigail Sarah Turner, Boone; Andrew J. Ugenti, Zionville; Christian Ryan Valet, Blowing Rock; David A Vandenberg, Boone; Hannah Riley West, Boone; Cheyenne Aridian Westhoven, Boone; Linda Elizabeth Wiles, Boone; Sydney Rashel Wilson, Zionville; and Trenten Caleb Winebarger, Boone.

Honor’s List honorees in Watauga County are Alfredo Aguilera, Boone; Isaac Montgomery Allen, Boone; Thomas Edward Alvarado-Leon, Boone; Abigail Leigh Amato, Blowing Rock; Lillian Nicole Amato, Blowing Rock; Alexandria Phillips Anagnos, Blowing Rock; Jazira Awad Babikir Albiki, Sugar Grove; Matthew Austin Boggs, Banner Elk; Sidney Danielle Brown, Boone; Brandon Lee Calhoun, Boone; Tyler Parker Carpenter, Boone; Rachel Elizabeth-Ann Crawford, Boone; Hannah Faith Curtis, Vilas; Rebecca Rae Duncan, Blowing Rock; Casey Charles Ecker, Sugar Grove; Ashlyn Elizabeth Edmisten, Blowing Rock; Brittney Nicole Fairchild, Boone; Zoe Alise Funk, Boone; Lauren Elyse George, Boone; Carrie Ann Gold, Boone; Holly Nicole Greene, Vilas; Laura Hampton Greene, Boone; John Chase Harrison, Boone; James Madison Heaton, Boone; Katherine Lilly Horne, Boone; Lauren Elizabeth Hunsinger, Boone; Kylah Elizabeth Jackson, Boone; Sarah Hunt Jobe, Boone; James Matthew Johnson, Boone; Stephanie Michele Kennard, Boone; Karson Zi Jie Kimbro, Boone; Natalya Grace Kohout, Blowing Rock; Julia Lagrone, Banner Elk; Daniel Joseph Lanier, Vilas; Sheyla Luna-Balderas, Boone; Zachary Caleb Maliska, Boone; Jonathan Caleb McClannon, Boone; Elizabeth Carman Melillo, Boone; Caleb Nathaniel Michael, Banner Elk; Nadia Simone Miller, Boone; William Jeffrey Moretz, Todd; Sarah Grace Mough, Deep Gap; Kaitlin Shai Nielson, Blowing Rock; Garrett Vance Norris, Deep Gap; Michael Robert Novacek, Blowing Rock; Kelley Ann Pineda, Sugar Grove; Brooklyn Dawn Rominger, Vilas; Caitlin-Jaden Lilyann Ross, Boone; Karisa Deziray Shook, Boone; Sallie Logan Shumate, Hickory; Scott David Southern, Boone; Jacob Craig Watson, Boone; and Cody Monroe Yates, Vilas.

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