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BOONE — Appalachian Regional Library has received a $500 grant from the Watauga County Community Foundation, which is administered by the North Carolina Community Foundation, in support of its 2019 Good Neighbor Project. The money will be used in October to help bring Dana Bowman, author of “Bottled: A Mom’s Guide to Early Recovery,” to speak in Watauga County.

Bowman’s book, “Bottled,” is a memoir of her life as a young mother and an alcoholic. Multiple copies of the book will be available to read, share, and return, and Bowman will speak at a free event on Tuesday, Oct. 29, in Boone (location to be announced). A Library Journal review describes her book this way: “Heartbreaking, tragic (and very funny), this is a young mother’s memoir of her battle with alcohol, her arguments with her husband, her self-doubt as a mom, and her efforts to cement her career — all while drinking (and drinking some more) and promising herself she’ll stop. Bowman ... is a member of a faith community, and her Christian beliefs serve to enrich this work, rather than offend nonbelievers. Calling herself the “Scarlett O’Hara of alcoholism,” (“I’ll worry about that tomorrow,” she writes) Bowman finally hits bottom and details her rocky road to sobriety.

Stories of Recovery: Finding Hope and Help will take place in all three of the counties in the Appalachian Regional Library (Watauga, Ashe, and Wilkes) in October and November. The libraries will provide print and electronic materials and additional programs on the topic of recovery from addiction, highlighting the many local resources available to help people in, or hoping to be in, recovery from addiction.

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