Details for Town of Boone Meeting Notice The Boone Planning Commission will


Town of Boone Meeting Notice The Boone Planning Commission will hold its regular meeting on Monday, August 26, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. in the Town Council Chambers located at 1500 Blowing Rock Road. At the beginning of the meeting Planning Commission will hold a joint public hearing with Town Council on the following cases: 1. Case PL02654-060619: Dan Norman with North Star Villages, LLC is requesting Conditional District Zoning Map Amendment approval to rezone properties located at the corner of East King Street and Hillside Drive (Watauga County PINs: 2910-18-8163-000, 2910-18-9036-000, 2910-28-0036-000, 2910-28-1022-000, 2910-27-1827-000, 2910-18-9020-000) from R3 Multi-family and B3 General Business to Conditional District B3 General Business with a site specific development plan for Use 3.08 Hotel. 2. Case PL02928-080519: The Town of Boone has initiated a General Use Zoning Map Amendment to rezone property owned by John A. Ward III located at 282 Daniel Boone Drive Extension from Conditional District O/I Office Institutional to R1 Single Family Residential. 3. Case PL02632-060519: The Town of Boone has initiated a UDO Text Amendment to Section 4.16 related to modification of zoning permits. 4. Case PL02860-071119: The Town of Boone has initiated a UDO Text Amendment to amend UDO Article 15 District Uses to only allow Use 3.08 Hotel in the B1 Central Business zoning district with Conditional District zoning and to amend UDO Section 24.01.04 to not except Use 3.08 Hotels in the B1 from compliance with the parking requirements of UDO Article 24. Full text of the amendment may be obtained from the Town Clerk. Substantial and insubstantial changes in the amendments may be made following the public hearing. Following the public hearing, the Planning Commission will consider the cases above.


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