Details for Notice of Appointment This list of

Notice of Appointment This list of persons have been appointed by the Watauga County Board of Elections as Precinct Judges to serve a two year term to expire 08-2023 in accordance with G.S. 163-41. Posted this 17th day of August, 2021. Michael Behrent, Chair Watauga County Board of Elections Bald Mountain: Chief Judge Sandy Hicks Judge Charlotte Norris Judge Larry Trivette Beaver Dam: Chief Judge Brenda Farthing Judge Rochelle Eisenberger Judge Kim Greene Scott Blowing Rock: Chief Judge Gwyn Barfoot Judge Jim Weeks Judge Caroline Gandy Poteat Blue Ridge: Chief Judge Susan Chandler Judge Janice Tolbert Judge Margaret Stumb Boone 1: Chief Judge Tena Callio Judge Matthew Long Judge Judith Geary Boone 2: Chief Judge Patty Kim Judge River Collins Judge Brian Antczak Brushy Fork: Chief Judge Richard Cheek Judge Merle Adams Judge Deborah Arnette Cove Creek: Chief Judge Shana Scott Judge Grace McEntee Judge Tami Harrigan Elk: Chief Judge JoAnn Ryan Judge Billana Berry Judge Sherlene Watson Laurel Creek: Chief Judge Amy Lunceford Judge Linda Harmon Judge Kristin Harmon Meat Camp: Chief Judge Faye Wiilams Judge JD Norris Judge Sondra Edwards Boone 3: Chief Judge Cynthia Wood Judge Eric Farthing Judge Kristina Groover New River 1: Chief Judge Audrey Hartley Judge William Townsend Judge Caroline Moore New River 2: Chief Judge Lee Stroupe Judge Rebecca Gosky Judge Mallory Sadler New River 3: Chief Judge Ardease Greene Judge Kay Campany Judge Thomas Kane North Fork: Chief Judge Virginia Nilles Judge Barton Walker Judge Renee Ann Slack Shawneehaw: Chief Judge Gerald Townsend Judge Walter Browning Judge Beverly Louise Aderhold Stony Fork: Chief Judge Eddie Norris Judge Alan Felker Judge Dawn Snotherly Watauga: Chief Judge Sharlie Siegmund Judge Robert Michaud Judge Paige Taylor Beech Mountain: Chief Judge Calder Smoot Judge Bruce Jones Judge Gloria Alge


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