Wellness Center

The Paul H. Broyhill Wellness Center is located at 232 Boone Heights Drive, Boone.

BOONE — The Paul H. Broyhill Wellness Center is currently in the process of being re-imagined to serve the community.

Rob Hudspeth, senior vice president for system advancement at Appalachian Regional Healthcare System, said for the past three years the health care system has been in the process of revitalizing all of its facilities and services to prepare for growth in the coming decades, which included the Wellness Center.

“Since the county announced that they were going forward with the recreation center, we’ve been contemplating what that means for the future of the Wellness Center, especially being that they’re a block apart,” Hudspeth said.

The re-imagining of the center, Hudspeth said, is directly related to growth in three key areas. The first is AppOrtho, which has grown 213 percent in the past five years.

“As AppOrtho seeks to grow to meet the community’s demand — and develop a comprehensive sports medicine and performance lab — relocating to the Wellness Center made the most sense,” Hudspeth said. “Having AppOrtho located beside The Rehabilitation Center, where orthopedic providers and physical therapists can work in concert will allow for care continuity under one roof.”

Hudspeth said that currently people go to the AppOrtho office for their medical appointment and then go to the Wellness Center for their physical therapy. With the Wellness Center changes, patients will have it all in one building.

The sports medicine and performance lab would be able to help athletes who are dealing with an injury, such as tendinitis in an elbow of a softball pitcher. The player could go to the lab and staff would monitor the throwing motion and asses the mechanics to determine what’s causing the injury.

While AppOrtho has grown immensely, so has The Rehabilitation Center — with physical and occupational therapy services — located within the Wellness Center. Hudspeth said the rehabilitation portion has grown 162 percent since 2018 with therapists providing therapy in “tight, confined spaces.”

The new plan, Hudspeth said, allows for the physical and occupational therapy to have more space and grow with demand. Along with that comes change in how clinical wellness and medical fitness programs are delivered.

“As we continue to shift toward prioritizing population health management we will adopt processes which align patients with targeted medical wellness programs,” Hudspeth said. “These programs will be directed by medical providers and carried out by therapists and personal trainers in a newly renovated space within the Wellness Center. We will continue to offer memberships for people who seek to ensure their personal physical fitness beyond their medical fitness program.”

Hudspeth said the new architectural designs will be finalized in the next few weeks and, once they are complete, will be posted in the Wellness Center.

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