“Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!” II Corinthians 9:15

Thanks to the tutelage of Dr. Marshall Edwards, my Mama learned to love the word “serendipity.” Through the both of them I learned to see and accept serendipitous moments as they came. I had a serendipity moment this week that I would love to share with you. I know that I will never get over the fact that Mama is gone from this world and I won’t get to see her face until I get to Heaven. But, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t come to me almost daily through lessons she taught me and others that bring her memory to the present in a variety of other ways.

This past week I pulled out a large envelope that stuffed my post office box. In it was a letter from a dear friend of our family from New Jersey that I haven’t seen in almost 40 years. Throughout the years we have kept in touch by sending Christmas cards each year. Enclosed in the envelope was a dear letter explaining that she had saved each Christmas card and letter that Mama had sent her since the mid 1990’s, even before Daddy passed away. What a treasure trove and timeline of many happenings throughout over 20 years! It told of Daddy’s battle with cancer, weddings, births, deaths, family happenings and highlights of each year.

Mama’s words such as, “On December 5, 1999, my life was forever changed as Hayden lost his battle with cancer”, “How blessed I am to have such loving children” and “Praise the Lord, Mikey seems to be doing so much better” are just a few of the comments that filled over two decades of memories in those cards and letters.” Our friend, who herself is in her 90’s, stated that she had saved these precious letters that she enjoyed so much each year. She now wanted me to have them as she said, “to put in a journal and share with your brothers and sisters of how much your Mother loved you and was so proud of you.” What a gift!

I can think of no better gift other than the salvation that Jesus gives to us! He lays others and situations on our hearts so that we will be His hands and feet. Jesus is never far away and always knows what our hearts need to hear and feel. I love to think of Him urging our friend to save these many cards and letters through the years and then to nudge her, telling her it’s the right time to give them away. I thank Him for her obedience.

As I shed tears of gratitude over these treasured cards and letters, I prayed a prayer of thanksgiving for dear Sue Boccihicchio and others that have shared so much love that they had for Mama. Mama’s legacy lives on as her words are still blessing me and others. It has made me ask myself, “What can I do for someone to give them a serendipitous moment?” Just make sure that Jesus is the center of the gift. Mama sure did! As our scripture today says, “Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!” Even in the serendipity’s of our gifts, Jesus is the best gift of all! May we all stay in touch with His urgings so we may be a blessing to others as He blesses us! Think about it!

PRAYER TIME: Please continue to pray for Butch Triplett, Doris Edwards, Kathy Pennell, Eddie Bentley, Patsy McGuire, Margaret Moody, Mikey Pitts, Lorene Eidson, Butch Pitts, Ann Greene, Matthew Ford, Lisa Tester, Martha Shore, Christopher Teams and his grandmother, Blanche, Joe Greene, Mary Hicks, Nancy Shore, Mabel Church, Luther Church, Faye Church, Sharon Greene, Peter Floistad, Bob Miller, Diane James, Rachel Moody, Teri Graham and her parents, Brenda Lentz, Marshall and Doris Edwards, Dixie Lou Lemons, Marie Moody, Adam Lewis, Lisa Abernathy, Wendy Estes, Sharon Pitts, Marilyn Crisp, Ann Greene, Reba Moretz, Maxine Sparks, Brian Helton, Anna Lee Lawrence, Jewel Moody, Jill Dixon, Bob Keen, James Sigmon, Jim Greene, Recie Craig, Stanley Coffey and many unspoken requests, for our Military, our Nation and leaders, and a ray of hope for those in prison.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO: Bill Pitts on January 17th, to Bonnie Redmon on January 18th, to Toby Haas on January 20th, to Jim Stines and Jo Ann Laney on January 21st, and to Dianne Davant Moffitt and Emma Pickett on January 23rd. May the good Lord bless you in His most wondrous and serendipitous way.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO: Bill and Ann Williams on January 22nd. May the Lord bless you with many more years together.

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: “If God is you Co-Pilot, swap seats!”

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