Geoff and Aiden Cramer

Geoff Cramer and son, Aiden, are frequent visitors to Blowing Rock and Boone. They live in Raleigh, where Geoff is CEO of technology company, Futures, Inc.

BLOWING ROCK —You just never know who you are going to run into on Blowing Rock’s Main Street — or in the grocery aisles of a nearby Boone supermarket.

Geoff Cramer and son Aiden were on a pre-adventure shopping trip at Lowe’s in New Market Center. They were about to go on a camping trip at the top of a mountain, roasting hot dogs around a campfire.

“We just left Blowing Rock’s Concert in the Park,” said Cramer. “What a great time we’ve had. Through the summer, we will probably be up here about every three weeks. We love Blowing Rock and Boone.”

Cramer is the Raleigh-based CEO of Futures, Inc., a privately- owned technology and consulting services company.

“This has been a great trip, full of discovery,” said Cramer. “We found some unique gemstones and saw a large snapping turtle as we passed through Hound Ears.”

Aiden was quick to interject.

“It was the biggest turtle I have ever seen.” he said.

Besides their excursion to downtown Blowing Rock and Memorial Park, Cramer shared that one of their favorite places to visit while in the High Country is Doc’s Gem Mine and Appalachian Fossil Museum.

“This was our first visit to Doc’s new location at the Tanger Outlet Center, and all I can say is ‘wow,’” said Cramer. “Doc McCoy does a fabulous job with education. He really takes his time and seems to enjoy every customer interaction. Later in the summer, we’re going to go on one of his rockhound expeditions.”

Cramer shared that Futures, Inc. started as a nonprofit but was really hurting when the “” bubble burst in about 2000.

“Then Apple took us on as a special project and I found myself flying regularly out to Cupertino, Calif.,” said Cramer, who has hired a new president to take over more of the day-to-day operations.

Another stop in the father-son adventure plans toward the fall includes a trip to Maine, where they will take in Acadia National Park. They also hope to experience a salmon run on the St. Lawrence River, in Canada.

Geoff is a longtime deep sea diver and Aiden just received his certification.

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