I was attending an art workshop with a nationally known artist a couple weeks ago. It was a fine time of fellowship with fresh insights into various painting problems and techniques.

However, one of the statements of the instructor, Albert Handell, has stuck with me. He said, “You folks have come to this workshop looking for answers. The problem is, I only have questions!”

Of course, what he meant was that his help came mainly in the demonstrations he gave, and in the questions he asked each of the artists in the group as he watched us paint particular scenes.

I keep pondering the statement — “You folks have come to this workshop looking for answers. The problem is, I only have questions!” It puts me in a philosophical mood, I suppose, and I find myself saying that it is exactly the case with our society and with each of us.

We want quick and easy answers to any and all questions. And too often we look in the wrong place for our answers. It seems to be true in government, in education, and even — and especially — in religion.

And yet, faith is indeed the most important area of our lives. (You knew I was going to say that.) I know the faith question is true of most older folks, and will be in the lives of young folks as they grow older.

I say this because lately my high school class is reliving through emails our experiences of growing up in a small town and I am amazed at how religious these folks have all become since old age hit them.

Anyhow, we come to God and to the Bible with questions and rightly so: Who am I? Why am I here? What comes next?

We want answers to the ultimate questions of life and we do not find satisfying answers in our respective educations steeped in and limited to the scientific approach, no matter how important it is. And what we find when we turn to God and the Bible are questions — not easy answers.

The Bible asks: “Don’t you know that you are made for fellowship with God?”

Over and over the Bible asks: Don’t you feel that you have fallen short of what God made you to be? Do you know that God loves you? And the biggest question of all: Do you believe that Jesus the Christ is God’s answer to your questions?

Questions worth pondering, I say. The answers can be found at church on Sunday.

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