Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come; the old has gone, the new is here! II Corinthians 5:17

Repair or replace? Lately, that seems to be the million dollar question. Thanks to COVID-19 we all have had to stay home more for the past year and a half. In that time, many of us looked at things in our home that need to be repaired or replaced. Thus, the construction industry is booming.

Just before the pandemic hit, J.B. and I had our home remodeled. Each thing we had done made something else not look the way we wanted. So, that led to something more to be repaired or replaced. Things that were repaired looked pretty good, but it didn’t look new. The only way to make it look new would be to replace the old with something new.

It’s okay to have things look “pretty good” to our eye. But when it comes to our sin-damaged hearts, it’s not enough to try to fix things up. From God’s point of view, we need all things to become new. That is the lesson that we are to learn from our scripture today.

That is the beauty of salvation through faith in Jesus. He died on the cross as a sacrifice for our sin and rose from the dead to show us His power over sin and death. The result is that in God’s eyes faith in what Christ did for us makes us a new creation and replaces our old self with a new life. Looking through Jesus and His work on the cross for us, our heavenly Father sees everyone who has put his or her faith in Him as new and unblemished.

Sin causes great damage. We can’t fix this ourselves. We must trust Jesus as our Savior and let Him give us a brand new life. We can’t try scraping, sanding or applying any type of filler to cover up our unrighteousness. All of our earthly efforts to cover our sin won’t work. What a wonderful promise to know that through Jesus we become a new creation. Our sins are washed white as snow by the blood of Jesus. This is one appointment that you don’t want to miss for a perfect makeover. Think about it!

PRAYER TIME: Pray for Israel. There are still several urgent prayer requests that need our prayers! God knows who they are. Continue to pray for protection as we, once again, are made to wear masks and bow to the pandemic. Keep praying for those that are still fighting COVID-19 and the new variant. Continue to pray for businesses that try to stay open and find help, for many unspoken requests, for our Military, our Nation and leaders, and a ray of hope for those in prison.

OUR SYMPATHY TO: The family of Kay Walker who recently passed away. Kay was a native of Blowing Rock whose son grew up with my children. Blessings to the family.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO: Sean Antone on Oct. 7, to Amy Lyons on Oct. 8, to Jim Veorse on Oct. 9, to Jenelle McEwin on Oct. 12, and to Nevin Ebaugh, Chad Pressley, Helen Cain and Lorene Eidson on October 13. May the good Lord bless you all in His most wondrous and serendipitous way!

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: “A life in Christ is a life that pleases God!”

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