The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” Genesis 2:18

Have you ever watched the second hand on a clock as it ticks off the seconds of time? Have you pondered that with each tick, time becomes the past and hurries to the future? How many times do you say, “There are just not enough hours in a day.” Well the saying is true; time waits for no man.

There are probably times in all of our lives when time has seemed to stand still. When you are waiting to hear from a doctor about tests, when you are waiting for news about a loved one, etc. I remember as a child thinking time couldn’t come fast enough for Santa to arrive or for summer vacation to get here. Time doesn’t change. It just keeps ticking away.

What has me so obsessed with time? Well, unbelievable to me is the fact that on July 17 my sweetheart and I will be married for 50 years. That is 18,250 days! I can’t let my mind go to how many hours, minutes or seconds that is. All I know is that 50 years flew by.

Recently I was asked by an engaged couple to what I attributed the secret of our long marriage. My answer to that is, number one, put God first in your marriage. Tough times will come and go but God stays right where you are to give you the wisdom and strength to handle every situation. Everything else comes second. Communication, similar interests, protecting your character and your credit are certainly up there but God should be number one.

Sadly, broken homes happen in many of our families. 2 Corinthians 6:14 in the NIV translation says, “Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers.” Just as oxen are yoked together to work, marriage partners need to pull together to make their marriage work. When you are unequally yoked, it affects almost every area of your marriage. Being unmatched in your most important point of connection can create a lot of friction and disappointment. God will bless a marriage with two believers as He has ours. Pray for those marriages that are struggling.

From the Garden of Eden to this present day, God Himself said that it is not good for us to be alone. Even if there is no significant other in your life, with God you are never lone.

I am blessed beyond measure that God placed me in the path of a smart, handsome young man in high school. I am even more blessed that he was raised, as I was, in a hard-working, Christian home. These two attributes yoked two, naïve kids into a future together that will last through eternity. Thanks be to God! Think about it!

PRAYER TIME: Pray for Israel. There are still several urgent prayer requests that need our prayers. God knows who they are. Continue to pray a prayer of thanksgiving and protection as we open up from the pandemic. Keep praying for those that are still fighting COVID-19 and the new variant. Remember the businesses as we continue to open up, for many unspoken requests, for our Military, our Nation and leaders, and a ray of hope for those in prison.

OUR SINCERE SYMPATY TO: The family of Harold Triplett that passed away last week. Also, our sympathy to the family of Dr. Robert Reed who passed away recently. We were all saddened and heartbroken by the sudden passing of our friend, Mike Steele. Please be in prayer for Becky and the family. Our prayers are needed for all these families as they navigate the days ahead.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO: Robin Sanders and Breanna Owens on July 15, to Sue Moore, Shawn Harding, Jeff Smith, Ben McKethen and my niece April Love on July 16, to my niece, Julie Harding, Gail Anderson and Charles Davant IV on July 17, to Beau Cook on July 19, and to Makena Cook on July 20. May the good Lord bless you all in His most wondrous and serendipitous way!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO: My sweet husband, J.B. on our 50th wedding anniversary! A very happy anniversary to our brother and sister-in-law, Dwayne and Yvonne Lawrence, and to Jack and Bette Len Mitchell, all on July 17. Also, to Jason and Edith Berry on July 19.

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: “A successful marriage isn’t finding the right person, it’s being the right person!”

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