WATAUGA COUNTY — For the past four decades, Dr. Pat Morgan has been a staple in Watauga County Schools, sharing his love for reading with students at Cove Creek, Bethel and Mabel schools. Over the last 41 years of reading in classrooms, Dr. Morgan has left an impression generations of students.

This month, in recognition of the long volunteer service, Dr. Morgan was presented with the Watauga County Board of Education’s Servant’s Heart Award, the highest honor the board presents.

Anne Donadio and other teachers from Cove Creek School were on hand for the award presentation at the April meeting of the Watauga County Board of Education, April 9. Donadio said Morgan’s visits to her classroom were a highlight of her student’s week.

“Mr. Morgan is enthusiastic about sharing his love for reading,” Donadio said. “His positive spirit motivates other to take action toward his cause as well. He is passionate about his dream to make a difference in children’s lives. Because Mr. Morgan is committed to reading on a weekly basis, he makes a lasting impact on the children.”

Mabel School principal Mark Hagaman also spoke before the board, offering his congratulations to Dr. Morgan. Hagaman thanked Morgan for his dedication to Mabel School and for the impact his service had on generations of students there.

Brian Bettis, principal of Bethel School said Morgan visits several classrooms in his school each week reading to students in Kindergarten through third grade.

“As I visit classrooms, it is great to see the students’ engagement and enchantment as they listen to him read,” Bettis said. “I appreciate his dedication to our school; we can count on him to be here every week with a smile on his face and a story to share.”

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