To our great sorrow, Sean Taylor Pergerson, 47, of Sausalito, CA and Boone, N.C., passed away on Saturday, March 2, 2019 in California.

Sean grew up in Blowing Rock, NC and attended Patterson School. He moved to California, married and has two wonderful children, Hunter and Grace Pergerson. Sean had a life-long passion to help others, and worked as an EMT and, later for many years, at the Cardiovascular Center of Marin.

This passion to help others led Sean, during the Iraq War, to enlist in the Navy as a corpsman, attached to the Marines in Ramadi; and he served his country in this capacity for two tours of duty. During his second tour, Sean was injured in a blast, decorated for his valor, and retired with a full medical discharge.

Sean moved back to Watauga County in December, 2017 to help his father with the farm, and began building both an energy-efficient home and live-edge natural furniture. His new company was called Mystic Designs.

Sean was preceded in death by his two brothers, Chris and Jeff; and a sister, Jessie.

He is survived by his second wife, Valaine Errante; children, Hunter, 21, and Grace, 14, and their mother, Alicia; his mother, Alison Melin, and her husband, Bruce; his father, Nathaniel Maram and his wife, Kirby; a sister, Katharine Purnell; and many nieces, nephews and cousins. He was especially close to Katharine; his niece, Melissa Pergerson; his cousin, Seth Pergerson; and to his best friend in Boone, Donald Ray.

His family and friends were always at the forefront of his life. Sean was beloved by everyone who knew him and loved everyone he knew, and was a caring and kind son, father, brother, uncle, cousin and friend. He will be missed by all.

There was a cremation ceremony in Sausalito on Tuesday, March 12 and two celebrations of life for Sean: one in Sausalito, CA and another in Boone, NC. The dates are yet to be determined, but will be later in the spring.

In lieu of gifts, a fund has been set up to support his children and niece, Melissa. The link to the fund is:

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