“Peace at any price” was one of the mantras Ed lived.

Ever the consummate gentle man, Ed was an observer of all the things around him, and other than when asked for an opinion, he kept his opinion mostly to himself. Ed was a lover of life and appreciated the beauty that was in the world, even in the dark times we are in now, quipping “its all good” when things weren’t and inspiring that sentiment to become a household motto.

Like his best friend, Andre Ward, his classmate from Ringling School of Art sixty years ago, Ed knew the silver lining was always there, even if a bit tarnished, and together they shared the quest to polish things and make them shine. They would say “it takes a little magic to make things pretty.”

In his interior design practice, Ed created magic for each of his clients, developing strong relationships that extended to generations of a family and multiple projects over decades. Peggy Hampton, Janis Young, Selina Swofford, Nancy Whitehurst, Sybil del Bueno, William Brown, and Don Hampton were the power behind him, allowing Ed to focus his talents on his clients and to make their worlds a better place. Ed recognized each client as unique and they often became extended family to Edward H. Springs Interiors — or jokingly — Ed Springs Pretty Things.

Ed believed in the gift of giving — as he exhibited in the countless hours he gave to drawing renderings of gardens, houses, and interiors for The Symphony Guild of Charlotte ASID Designer Houses, The Mint Museum Garden Tour, and The St. Mary of the Hills Tour of Homes in Blowing Rock. Especially close in these projects were Donna and Bill Boyd, Peg Barwick, Bev Vickery, Kathy Cook, Sue White, Mary Ann Tilley, Patty Smith, Sharon Lassiter, and Julia Tull. Oh, what fun they shared.

A particular joy and love of Ed’s was Appalachian State University where he became an honorary alumnus and where he co-founded the Henderson-Springs LGBT Scholarship and the Henderson-Springs LGBT Center on campus. A recent joy to Ed was the creation of The DAISEY Group, which grew from an idea of a recent App graduate, Walt Grayson, to raise funds to support the LGBT students at risk of hunger or insecurity in the campus community. Rallying to the cause, Ed believed he could help make a difference through his support and became one of the founding members.

Saturdays during football season, Ed could be found cheering on the Mountaineers as a member of the Yosef Club. He found many wonderful friends on campus at App, especially Chancellor Sheri Everts, head cheerleader Julia Adams, and his buddies in App Catering. Go Neers!

St. Mary of the Hills Episcopal Church was Ed’s church home; the music and liturgy were especially important for him. Ed delighted in being on the discernment committee for our new priest, the Reverend Andrew Hege, and in the special bonds created there. Hearing Jim Bumgarner playing the organ and Amanda Silverman and Denise Story singing were special to Ed. He loved the choir and the parishioners and he loved the welcome they gave. He loved the Reverend Rick Lawler, Bishop Gary Gloster, and the Reverend Sam Tallman, all of whom ministered to Ed through the years.

A believer in giving back to the community, Ed was a founding member of the Blowing Rock Art and History Museum. Ed loved that his town could boast a world-class museum and he loved being a supporter of BRAHM.

Ed was proud to be a member of the Blowing Rock Country Club. Ed took pleasure in hosting scholarship fundraising dinners at his home to support the education of the clubs staff at Appalachian State University.

Born in his family home on Tuckaseegee Road in Charlotte, Ed was always appreciative of what he had. Ed felt blessed for a bed and a crumb, appreciated a wonderful gourmet meal, but loved country-style steak. Humble and one to shy away from accolades, Ed touched so many lives in so many unknown ways and hated to be the center of attention. Ed was a believer in education, in being nice, and in honoring all people regardless.

Thank you to the wonderful staff of Appalachian Regional Healthcare for their excellent care of Ed over his last important days, especially Alix, Mason, Micheal, Andrew, John, Joe, Liz, Marilyn, Kevin, Madisson, Emily, and Madison.

Ed loved reading.

Ed loved drawing.

Ed loved his home, Golden Hill, and his Golden retrievers Nicholas, Jason, Sebastian, Sophie, Hedwig, Aurelia, Hephaestian, and Alexander, who are shedding their golden love all over him now.

Ed loved his chosen family — Leslie Springs and Dan Kostin, Ramona and Ray Bryson, Dan Henderson, Kelly, Keith, Ainsley and Thomas Deese, Michael, Jodi, Roslyn, Brennan and McKinley Crisp, Andre Ward and Ken Usery, Kathy and Wells Greeley, Lou (and Marcia) Gottlieb and Gloria Lipson, James and Debbie Covington, Charlene and Bob Barham, Patty and Joe Dyer, Gigi and Shawn Poole, Pete Lazaris, Becky Hendrix, Louise and Harris Deloach, Richard Stutts and Bill Keith, Walt Grayson, Carol and Mike Capristo, Steve Scheibner and Luther Turner. To any left off this list, forgiveness please — Ed loved you too!

For forty years I was blessed to have Ed as my partner, and for almost ten years, my husband. Together we had a blessed life and hopefully shared more love than we created pain.

Ed would smile approvingly if any donations made in his memory and to his honor were directed to Appalachian State University Foundation, P.O. Box 32014, Boone, NC 28608-2014, memo to The DAISEY Group LGBT Student Support Fund or The Henderson-Springs LGBT Scholarship Fund. However, the greatest gift you could give would be to honor Ed’s commitment to civility, love, and compassion as you cast your vote this November.

I know Mildred met Ed as he passed, introduced him to Ermine, and handed him his Sapphire straight up (painfully bruised with a twist) or his Dewars and water. I know he met up with Harold, Patti, and Karen and they are waiting with the pups for us to join the party.

Well, why not!

Rest in joy — I love you -

Bo Henderson


A private service was held at 2 p.m. on Sunday, September 27th. The service was streamed virtually on YouTube by St. Mary of the Hills Episcopal Church in Blowing Rock, NC

A memorial celebration will be held at a later date.

The care of Mr. Springs has been entrusted to Wells Funeral Homes. A complete obituary and an online memorial register is available at Obituaries at www.wellsfuneralhome.com

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