BOONE — Watauga High School seniors with plans to pursue post-secondary education or career ventures after graduation were honored with two recent events.

WHS hosted a college and career signing ceremony on May 23, when students walked across the WHS auditorium stage and were recognized for their plans after high school. In a pep rally-type fashion, students were cheered on by the audience as military service branches, post-secondary education and other career options were announced.

Students who participated in the May 23 event were Dale Holman (Marine Corps), Ryan Harmon (Marine Corps), Eli Bentley (Air Force), Kloie Greene (Lees-McRae College), Kaholet Mata-Mejia (Lees-McRae College), Lindsey Fletcher (Lees-McRae College), Faith Ann Henson (Wofford College), Anna Norris (Wofford College), Amber Lusk (Wilkes Community College), Ella Campbell (Kenyon College), Alexander Brown (College of the Atlantic), Graham Helton (Campbell University), Wade Garland (East Tennessee State University), Zach West (East Tennessee State University), Haylee Barker (East Tennessee State University), Adam Rehman (High Point University), Kat Horne (High Point University), Zoe Brown (Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts), Rebecca Yoblinski (Wittenberg University), Josephine Hill (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Sadye Franklin (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Hallie Lovin (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Alex Freeman (University of North Carolina at Wilmington), Megan Page (Tusculum University), Emily Fuller (University of North Carolina at Greensboro), Sierra Rusher (Elon University), Erin Stevens (East Carolina University), Chloe Garwood (East Carolina University), Edward Zorek Jr. (Missouri University of Science and Technology), Anna Wilson (Salem College), Elizabeth Ward (Central Carolina Community College), Grace Hayes (Bridgewater College), Cailey Haas (University of Tennessee), Alex Winebarger (North Carolina State University), Lisandra Mejia (North Carolina State University), Pierson Rucker (North Carolina State University), Mary Louise Sprague (North Carolina State University), Emma Pinnix (Arrows International), Hope Langston (Biola University), McKenna Gragg (Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute), Francisco Alcaraz (CCC&TI), Zoe Hodges (CCC&TI), Sydney Ward (CCC&TI), Laramie Ward (Appalachian State University), Aaron Lubkemann (Appalachian State University), Kennedy Taylor (Appalachian State University), Grace Watson (Appalachian State University) and Laken Blankenship (Appalachian State University).

Seniors awarded scholarship opportunities after high school were then recognized on May 28. Presenters awarded approximately 54 scholarships to various WHS seniors. Other scholarships — not listed below — were also reported by students as being offered/accepted.

The following scholarships were awarded at the ceremony.

Adam Galleher Memorial Scholarship: Madyson Ward, Amber Lusk, Bridgette Johnson

Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship: Elizabeth Warren, Isabelle Trew, McKenna Gragg, Nichole Johnson, Stephanie Ward

Anita Eppley Scholarship: Shannon Collins

Annie Clawson Sharpton Memorial Nursing Scholarship: Isabella Robinson

Attorneys of Watauga County Scholarship: Anna Norris

Blowing Rock Community Foundation on Scholarship: Haylee Barker, Jasmine Vandyke, Breanna Meadows

Blowing Rock Rotary Club Scholarship: Breanna Meadows, McKenna Gragg

Blowing Rock Women’s Club Scholarship

Paige Bolick, William Becker, Breanna Meadows, Isabelle Trew, Jasmine Vandyke

Blue Ridge Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Resiliency Scholarship: Grace Watson, Kara Raichle

John and Ruth Blue Scholarship: Jacob Ganley

Boone Civitan (Carl Fiddler) Club Scholarship: Grace Watson

Boone Kiwanis Scholarship in Honor of Evelyn Johnson: Emma Ellis, Bridgette Johnson, Everett Gropp

Boone Rotary Club Scholarship: Bridgette Johnson

Boone Rotary Club Student of the Year: Noah Pearson

Boone Sunrise Rotary Club Scholarship: McKenna Gragg

Boone United Methodist Church Scholarship: McKenna Gragg, Emma Ellis

The Blood Connection Scholarship: Kloie Greene

Brandon-Howell Family Scholarship: Anthony Church

BREMCO Leadership Track Scholarship: Mary Louise Sprague, Jackson Markus, Aaron Lubkemann

Caldwell Community College DREAM Scholarship: Nichole Johnson, Ethan Scott, Nathaniel Wallick, Jaime Shew, Eden Richards (Isaacs), Dale Holman, Bridgette Johnson, Makayla Roark, Sheyla Balderas-Luna, Kevin Mai, Dustin Trivette, Nevada Thomas, Deseray Anderson-Deiters, Alex Winebarger, Noah Pearson, Jeffrey Drummonds

Cathy Lion Memorial Scholarship: Madelyn Furr, Grace Hayes, Jasmine Vandyke

Clyde Kilby Memorial Cosmetology Scholarship: Makayla Silver, Caitlin Ross

Coach Carter Lentz Scholarship: Grace Hayes

Charlie Rogers Memorial Scholarship: Lisandra Mejia

Deep Gap Ruritan Scholarship: Jonathan Hodges

Deerfield United Methodist Women’s Scholarship: McKenna Gragg

Donna and Mike McNeil Scholarship for Future Teachers of French: Mikayla Katherine Henson

Erin Elizabeth Johnston Memorial Scholarship: Isaac Ewers

Frank James Scholarships — SkyLine/SkyBest: Lisandra Mejia, Stephanie Ward

Gregory Newton Norris Memorial Scholarship: Kara Raichle

Hardin Park Junior Beta Club Scholarship: Marshall Roten, Jake Ganley, Grace Hayes

Harold Dean Beach Vietnam Memorial Scholarship: Grace Jeter

Grayson C. Huffman Family Scholarship: Laramie Ward

James W. and Grace S. Beach Memorial Scholarship: Libby Warren

Kate Swift Reese Educational Scholarship Endowment for Watauga County: Elizabeth Ward

Katrina Michele Winsor Memorial Scholarship: Tyler Shore

Lees-McRae College Scholarships: Aiden Loorham, Kloie Greene, Lindsey Fletcher, Caitlyn Rice, Kaholet Mata-Mejia

Lan O’Loughlin Personal Achievement Award: Mary Louise Sprague

Leigh Anne Cable Memorial Scholarship: Laken Blankenship

Leigh Cooper Wallace Memorial Scholarship: Marshall Roten

LifeStore Scholarships: Lisandra Mejia

Meat Camp Baptist Church Scholarship: Chloe Garwood, Sadie Lapointe

Mountaineer Ruritan Scholarship: Laken Blankenship, Lisandra Mejia (Shipley Memorial recipient), Trace Hodges

N.C. Teaching Fellows Scholarship: Lisandra Mejia

Oklahoma State University Alumni Scholarship: Issac Ewers

Pat Baker “DARE” Memorial Scholarship: Samantha Reese

Ruby A. Trivette Todd Ruritan Scholarship: Bridgette Johnson

SEANC Scholarship: Ella Campbell, Breanna Meadows, Will Ambler

SECU Watauga High School Scholarship: Breanna Meadows

SECU Watauga Innovation Academy Scholarship: Cooper Hagaman

Snow Lodge #363 Masonic Scholarship: Madelyn Furr, Aaron Lubkemann

State Employees’ Credit Union Scholarship: Ella Campbell, Breanna Meadows, Will Ambler

Travis Jake Gryder Scholarship: Kloie Greene

Watauga-Ashe-Wilkes Foundation Scholarships: Hope Langston

Watauga Chapter of North Carolina Retired School Personnel Scholarship: Isabelle Trew

WCAE/ NCAE Scholarsip: Grace Hayes, McKenna Gragg

William R Mast Memorial Scholarship: Jonathan Hodges, Christian Richardson

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