Students involved with Watauga High School’s Athletes for Good held a food drive to increase food security in the High Country. The drive collected more than 800 pounds of food and personal care items for Casting Bread’s food pantry.

From Jan. 18-22, students, teachers, staff and administrators responded by contributing food and personal care items. When the dust settled after collection week, Donna Wellborn, the AFG faculty sponsor, could hardly walk through her classroom without stepping over donations.

“I could not be prouder of these students for organizing this event,” Wellborn said. “Their hard work and the generosity of the Pioneer family are inspiring.”

Casting Bread Executive Director Sam Garrett helped pick up the items from Watauga High School.

“These students are amazing, and we are so grateful to them. When I was in high school, I focused more on myself than on helping others,” Garrett said. “It is wonderful to see young people experience the joy of giving to their community.”

According to Garrett, the amount of food gathered will feed several families for an entire month.

“When I saw all of the food AFG collected, I thought, we’re going to need a bigger van,” Garrett added.

Casting Bread is a non-profit organization founded in 2006. Casting Bread stated its vision is to increase food security with a mission to provide food, compassion and community. On average, Casting Bread distributes more than 19,000 pounds of food monthly to 640 individuals, and it all takes place thanks to volunteers who serve more than 2,000 hours a month.

To learn more about Casting Bread, visit

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