The Price Home

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Steven Carter Price had long admired the chic modern house that had been built at the entrance to the Ansley Heights neighborhood.

It was of the Industrial Modern styling and not at all like any other house seen in the area. However, it was not available, so he built a new home nearby, and made it his special place. No sooner was he getting settled into his lovely and custom designed home than the house that he had admired became available — and the rest is history.

The new house needed a few interior modifications and there was no garage, and so a sensitive “updating” and “add on” was begun. For a house originally built on the edge of its beautiful wooded lot there were space and zoning limitations, but a place for the garage was determined and construction begun. The new garage perfectly matches the house and not only serves its purpose but also provides a studio and guest suite in its lower level.

Crossing a perforated metal bridge to the front door sets the mood to the industrial modern interior, but also gives you a view, below, of a beautiful setting in the courtyard of the lower level.

The house consists of three “boxes” or “cubes”, one that has the living room in the upper level, and a bedroom and bath in the lower, and the other with the kitchen /dining room on the upper level, and the master bedroom and bath in the lower. You enter into an entry “bridge” which serves as the only point that joins the two cubes together, but that immediately gives you views of the tree tops outside. The third cube contains the guest apartment/studio and the garage.

A bright red Volkswagen Beetle and a “silver” Airstream trailer, made of recycled steel drums and knee height, greet guests at the front door. The Airstream opens up to reveal an ice cooler, and the two “adult toys” give you a feeling of the easy and fun attitude that you will find throughout the house.

Each of the cubes has a staircase that is enclosed in an open bookcase and shelving unit, and setting the direction for the other furnishings, while the polished concrete floors provide the industrial modern influence. The living room has a large gray sectional sofa that faces the fireplace. It is surrounded by classic mid century furniture designs, including a Charles Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chairs, and a Noguchi Cocktail Table.

In the dining area, a rectangular rustic modern table has the place of honor, and it is flanked by long seating benches. There are also two slipcovered chairs in gray fabric and leather. Down the stairs, the bedrooms are beautifully but simply furnished, as expected from a modern house.

Throughout the house be sure to notice the art on the walls.

This is just part of the owner’s collection of local area artists, including several Raymond Chorneau paintings, who was a previous owner of the house. You do not want to miss seeing this very unusual and very personal house.

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