“For that ye ought to say, If the Lord wills, we shall live, and do this, or that.” James 4:15

If you knew my Mama you know that she never took anything for granted, especially time. If she told you she was going somewhere, or going to do anything, she would end the sentence with “Lord willing.” I never realized, but should have known, that expression came from the Bible. She knew and always taught us that every minute was a gift from God and we weren’t to take that for granted. Using that phrase is but another mantle that she dropped on me. As I ponder on this, many times I think of my calendar.

How do you keep track of your calendar? I use an app on my smartphone, but I still like to have important events on my paper calendar. But more importantly than how I keep track of my calendar is how I plan my calendar.

Our tendency as humans is to take our daily routines for granted. We methodically wake up, get dressed, go to work, go to lunch, go back to work, go home, have dinner, go to bed and the next day start all over again. More often we make day to day plans without considering the sovereign Lord, who has ultimate control over our lives. How do we factor His will in our lives as we plan our daily schedules and calendars?

We all have unexpected and inevitable detours in our lives. When we become aware of God’s sovereignty over every second of our lives and those detours and trials come along, we can see the “Lord willings” in our lives. I see them as part of God’s providential plan for my life. Every single breath that we take is a gift from God. We should never take a minute of our life for granted. This awareness helps me understand God’s calendar for my life.

When we hand our calendars over to God, offer our time up to Him in obedience and ask Him to bless the minutes of our day, He will guide our steps. Our future is based on His calendar. The 86,400 seconds in our day is already a day God has planned for us. As we put a few earthly appointments on our calendar our prayer should be that all of our day be His. He will do this, “Lord willing!” Think about it!

PRAYER TIME: I ask that you continue to pray for Mikey Pitts, Jeff Joines, Hersel Story, Jason Greene, Joe Key, Louise Greene, Margaret and Rudy Hartley, Pat McNeill, Kathy Pennell, Eddie Bentley, Nancy Bentley, Butch Pitts, Ann Greene, Matthew Ford, Mary Hicks, Mabel Church, Peter Floistad, Bob Miller, Rachel Moody, Teri Graham and her parents, Marshall and Doris Edwards, Marie Moody, Adam Lewis, Lisa Abernathy, Wendy Estes, Sharon Pitts, Marilyn Crisp, Reba Moretz, Maxine Sparks, Brian Helton, Jewel Moody, Jill Dixon, James Sigmon, Jim Greene, Recie Craig, Stanley Coffey and many unspoken requests, for our Military, our Nation and leaders, and a ray of hope for those in prison.

OUR SYMPATHY TO: To the family of Harriett Davant who passed away last week. Mrs. Davant was truly the epitome of a Southern lady. She was kind to everyone and will be missed by so many of us. She would have celebrated her 97th birthday on February 26th. We also give our deepest sympathy to Tyler and Amanda Moffatt at the unexpected loss of their daughter, Bexley, to leukemia. Please keep the Moffatts in your prayers at this heartbreaking time.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO: Kay Ewell on February 20th, to Haylee Barker, Hilari Hubner, and Betty Crocker on February 21st, to Malorie Myers and Graham Helton on February 22nd, to Debbie Lindenmuth and Iris Thirtle on February 23rd, to Jim Potts on February 24th, to Cora Keen, Avery Tester and a special birthday wish to my “brother from another mother”, my dear cousin, Terry Bradshaw on February 25th. May the good Lord bless you in His most wondrous and serendipitous way!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO: Ted and Marty Couch on February 21st. May the Lord bless you with many more years together!

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: “Don’t let your life become as full of junk as your dresser drawers!”

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