“Isn’t this the carpenter’s son?.. And they took offense at him.” Matthew 13:55-57

As if you haven’t known this before, Tweetsie Railroad is one of our favorite places to visit. I don’t have to remind anyone that it is family friendly and a joy to visit with all the wonderful people that are employed there. It is also visited by people from generation to generation who want to share the Tweetsie experience. You just have to look at the faces from the young to the old to see people that are enjoying their time in our high country. Then again, there was another …

With all this said, I want to share an experience that happened on June 25 at Tweetsie. We were standing in line to go on one of the rides in the Country Fair. Everyone was having a great time and waiting patiently in line. There was an individual in front of us who had a child that he identified as his son. As it came time to load the ride, a very polite and smiling young lady, the ride operator, informed the man that his son was not tall enough for this ride. The man, who appeared to be in his mid-30s and, might I add, old enough to know better, began to shout, berate the operator and make an unfortunate scene in front of everyone.

He stomped his feet, slammed his poor son against the measurement panel, and even “fluffed” his curly-headed son’s hair up to try to make him look taller! When the young lady tried to explain that it would not be safe for the child, and that it was a law she could not break, the man got even more irate and demanded to speak to her supervisor.

She immediately called her supervisor to come and kindly asked the man if he would stand aside until her supervisor could arrive. He began again acting like more of a child than his son, exclaiming that he would not move, it was his turn, and if his son couldn’t ride then no one else was going to ride.

To end this story, the supervisor came, measured the child, tried to explain to the irate man that the child was definitely too small to safely ride, and tried to redirect him to other rides that were more appropriate. The man jerked his poor son away, ranting things no one should say, much less hear, declaring, “You haven’t heard the last of this.”

The Tweetsie employees apologized to the crowd for having to wait and we went on with our fun. I made my way to the employees to tell them how gracious they were in their speech and their body language and thanked them for a job well done. One bad apple wasn’t going to spoil everyone’s day.

As I have pondered this event, I thought of what a life lesson this was. It was a reminder of how sometimes our actions speak louder than words. What was this man teaching his son? Was he teaching him that it is OK to break the rules? Was he teaching him that if you throw a tantrum you will get your way? I would think that we all want our children to have a special time, but what about the child’s safety?

I think of our scripture today. The scribes and the Pharisees condemned Jesus as he healed the sick. They were saying the equivalent of, “Who does he think he is?” Jesus’s actions were pure and honorable yet there were those that thought that He should do things their way.

Each day our prayer should be that God would set a guard about our mouth that we would only say words that are beneficial toward kindness and truth. We should pray that our actions would be seen to others as pure and uplifting. When things don’t go the way that we want them to, we should stop and think, just maybe God is allowing or not allowing something to keep us safe. We should pray that we will live a life that God would be pleased to watch. Now, that is a lot of homework for us to pursue! God may be saying to us, “You haven’t heard the last of this.” Think about it.

PRAYER TIME: Pray for Israel. I have several urgent prayer requests that need our prayers. Please hold those up in prayer. God knows their names. Continue to pray a prayer of thanksgiving and protection as we open up from the pandemic. Keep praying for those that are still fighting COVID-19. Remember the businesses and those out of work, many unspoken requests, for our Military, our Nation and leaders, and a ray of hope for those in prison.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO: ME. Today, July 1, is my birthday and I am blessed to share a birthday with my Grandson, Jack Lawrence. Also, birthday greetings go to Lew Ponder on July 5, to Lisa Abernethy on July 6 and to my husband, J.B. Lawrence and Jeff Foster on July 7. May the good Lord bless us all in His most wondrous and serendipitous way.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO: Jeff and Lisa Smith on July 1. God bless you with many more years together.

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: “The shortest distance between a problem and a solution is the distance between your knees and the floor!”

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