After more than five years telling the story of “Ole Mean Carrie Buck,” this is the last installment of the 816-hand written pages, which has been transcribed nearly weekly in The Blowing Rocket since April 27, 2014.

Readers have been transfixed by the story of Carrie Miller Buxton, as told by her son, Thomas Buxton.

Carrie Miller Buxton died on March 28, 1998, at the age of 90, in Columbia, S.C. According to her obituary, she was born Nov. 15, 1907, in Watauga County, the daughter of Hamilton C. Miller and Minnie Miller.

Buxton is buried in the Mount Bethel United Church of Christ Cemetery in Blowing Rock.

Editor’s note: The following is a chapter from the manuscript titled “Ole Mean Carrie Buck,” written by Thomas Buxton of Columbia, S.C. The manuscript is based on interviews with his mother, Carrie Miller Buxton, about her life in Blowing Rock in the middle of the 20th century.

I hope and pray that I can continue to do a little moving around, and I hope that I don’t lose what little mind I have. I’ve got a horror of that. Since my most recent stay in the hospital, all you children have shown your love for me in so many ways and let me know that you’d really miss me if I weren’t with you. As my grandmother used to say, “It’s a poor rail in the fence that isn’t missed.”

In closing, I’d like to share with you children and grandchildren perhaps the most difficult experience of my life. When my dear mother passed away at the age of 95 1/2, I felt compelled to go to the funeral home to dress her for burial. Mama was nothing but a shell. With that most difficult experience came the profound realization that truly the only thing we take with us when we leave this work is what we carry in our hearts.

My fondest hope is that when the time comes for all of us to leave this life and, as Grandma Tugman would say, “embark on the greater journey,” that we will carry with us hearts full of heavenly treasure. Then we’ll all be together again in an entirely different world. Who knows what even greater adventures await us there?

The End

“Whatever are the benefits of fortune, They yet require a palate fit to relish and taste them,” Montaiqne.

A Tribute to Mother, by Mary

They years have flown by,

But seems like yesterday;

The heartache we feel,

Seems forever to stay.

All seven of us still kicking,

Though our careers near an end;

Like you – always busy,

Many chores to tend.

From your first born to your last,

We all so often recall,

The many lessons you taught us,

Often struggling to climb the wall.

While we’ve none been imprisoned,

Nor risen to great fame,

You’d give us a hug,

And be quick to claim.

Great grandchildren are numerous,

And proud you’d be;

But still no more twins,

In the family.

While this world seems a mess,

Since you left us here;

We often thank God,

You’ve no terror to fear.

Visiting with neighbors,

In person face to face;

Once shared with great pleasure,

Sadly now a thing of the past.

The world today is smaller,

With arrival of the digital age;

Computers, iphones and ipads,

Now rule the “must have” rage.

When Mothers’ Day arrives each year,

Our thoughts are there with you;

Remembering the good times,

Many more than just a few.

Ole Mean Carrie Buck

Looking down from above,

We hope you can see,

How very much you are loved


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