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WEST JEFFERSON — “Team Clean Stream” is a virtual, watershed-wide river cleanup challenge and the New River Conservancy challenges residents to join Team Clean Stream by cleaning up creeks, roads or backyards. Become a river warrior by letting them know about your cleanup by sending photos or sharing them on social media. You can tag @newriverconservancy.

Join “Team Clean Stream” by following these steps:

Step 1) Choose your spot to clean up.

Step 2) Take photos and share them with New River Conservancy via Facebook or Instagram by tagging @newriverconservancy.

Step 3) Or fill out the river cleanup form on our website.

Participants may even get a surprise thank you gift from NRC.

If you’re unable to get outside, you can also join Team Clean Stream by becoming a sponsor or by donating to the effort to support others in the watershed.

Learn how to become a sponsor or donate by visiting

New River Conservancy completes dozens of river cleanups each year with the help of volunteers.

In 2019, NRC organized 233 volunteers who were able to remove a total of 26,360 pounds of trash and 1,032 tires from the New River. As the rain seems to be never-ending, NRC officials want to remind our community to be vigilant about removing objects from the floodplain.

“Given the amount of rain we’ve received this year, NRC can understand how extra trash can end up in the river, but we must do better. Living along a waterway requires some responsibility,” said NRC Restoration Director Chelsea Blount. “If flooding is expected, those living along waterways should remove anything from the floodplain that could get washed away, including patio furniture, toys, and especially RVs and campers. Now is your chance to be a good steward of your New River by joining Team Clean Stream and challenging your friends to do the same. Let’s all get dirty for clean water.”

New River Conservancy is a 501c3 nonprofit whose mission is to protect the waters, woodlands, and wildlife of the New River Watershed. For more information on how to get involved or become a member, visit

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