Blowing Rock School faculty 2018-19

The Blowing Rock School faculty for the 2018-19 school year pose for a photo. Front row, going left to right: Susan Graham, Stephanie Allen, Amanda Quilliams, Erin Scruggs, Terri Hodges, Liz Tincher, Ashley Greene, Angela Watson, Allyson McFalls, Melissa Searcy, Becky Reis. Middle row, going left to right: Sarah Holt, Renee Robinson, Mary Catherine Felts, Martha Trimble, Brandi Bolick, Sue Walker, Renee Carter, Laurie Gill, Susan Trew, Lisa Bolster, Tammy Bolick. Back row, going from left to right: Laura Seagle, Zack Strickland, Kate Patterson, Lara Whiteside, Patrick Sukow, a student teacher, Luke Dellinger, Roberto de la Cerda, Meagan Johnson, Marcia Winkler, Rob Smith

The faculty and staff at Blowing Rock Elementary School wishes everyone in the village a safe and fun summer. Each of us is aware of the fantastic and ongoing support we have from families, businesses and individuals in our community, as well as the support of our fire and police and all public safety departments. You make our work easier and more fulfilling. We couldn’t squeeze everyone into the stairwell but as you can see, we did a pretty good job!

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