On Dec. 19, 2017, City of Joy graduated 90 formidable women leaders. These 90 women, who join the 938 others in 64 rural areas in four provinces of DRC, have demonstrated through speeches, dance, and humor how their lives changed from pain to power.

Heavens! How could I be 80 years old? The year 2018 brought me head-scratching thoughts of “Unbelievable! What could I possibly do to celebrate such a mind-blowing occasion?” Then, “Oh! I know! What about 12 virtual mini- volunteer ‘vacations’ to some of the countries I’ve always wanted to visit?”

I decided to donate $80 each month to a program somewhere in the world doing unforgettable work to help poor people realize their dreams.

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Rashid Ali dropped out of school to help his father. He began working at a local power loom in Pakistan and within a short time became the factory foreman. However, his eyesight began to fail and soon he became legally blind. Rashid would then use FINCA loans to open a factory of his own to make specialty wire brushes used in the construction trade, using the income from his business to provide for his family.

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Writes poetry and essays about nature, spirituality, writing, and travel. She has a little cabin in the mountains.

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