Road trip

"For all of my childhood road trips, my sisters and I would act out our favorite Disney movies in the backseat, much to the appreciation of our parents. I am certain “Bambi” on repeat was better than arguing children. As the youngest, however, I did not get to pick my role. All I can say is, "You can call me Flower if you want to."

- Melanie Davis Marshall

"One of my favorite road trips included one of my best friends, Lynnea, her dog, Van Morrison, and a Geo Metro. We drove from Wyoming to Arches National Park in Utah. The laughter, sun, drive and excitement of traveling through states I had never visited was only made better when I had my first glimpse of the Utah desert and its red rocks. This was a trip on which I never thought to ask, "are we there yet?" I didn't want to get "there." I just wanted it to go on and on..."

- Hollie Eudy

"I was 11. En route to California, my family arrived in Las Vegas in our puke-green Chevrolet, "Ghost Riders in the Sky" blaring on the radio. To show us gambling doesn't pay, Daddy gave us each a dime to play the slots. I put my dime in. Out came a rain of dimes. We all had hot fudge sundaes."

- Sue Spirit

"Beware of grasshoppers! They will try to eat you! At least, that is what my 4-year-old self believed and insisted (loudly) when trapped in a car with one while on a road trip."

- Heather Brandon

"What made my college spring break trip to the Florida Keys the worst road trip ever? Maybe it was the 16-hour drive, one way, non-stop. Or when I rear-ended a car somewhere near Key Largo, forcing an expensive delay for repairs. Was it the food poisoning from the bad conch? Or maybe it was the sun poisoning, when this pale girl emerging from a Boone winter learned it was a real, real bad idea to slather on tanning oil when you’re that much closer to the equator."

- Anna Oakes

"A journey is only as good as your state of mind. Savor the mundane as well as the breathtaking. A cup of coffee, a good conversation, a belly laugh, a tasty breakfast at a local diner, simple pleasures all add up to make your trip memorable."

- Bonnie Church

"Road trips are best experienced with a combination of research on the area you are exploring as well as the freedom to unexpectedly go down a side road to find unknown but cool things. You have to get off of the hard road at times to discover a piece of natural beauty that is not on a map."

- Derek Halsey

"My favorite road trip memory was when my college roommate and I decided to take a Sunday drive, where all navigation was based on turning "left of the sun." We left Davidson College, went on all kinds of crazy back roads, and wound up in Winston-Salem, several hours later."

- Heather Jordan

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