I was optimistically looking forward to a pre-pandemic fall. After having my face sequestered for more than a year I was excited to return to full makeup mode, albeit ever so fleeting. 

I was especially excited to wear my much missed lipstick. I’m the woman who once she applies her bold red lipstick and slips on her high heels, can rule the world! OK, the heels had to go but I can still rule quite regally in flats.

So now we’re on a rewind, back to masking because of the Delta variant surge. However, let’s not diminish our intentions to enjoy all that the 2021 fall glam fashion forecast has to offer. One thing I have learned during this pandemic is that we are resilient, adaptable and very creative. We have done things we thought we could never do — our own hair, our nails, learned new technology, we have taught our kids, been with family members 24/7 (oh boy) and managed other impossible feats.

With all that said, what is the realistic outlook for beauty in the 2021 fall season? Well, since we’re back in our masks again we can look to continue a honed down beauty regimen.

Continue to focus on good skin care habits and remember to wear sunscreen daily if you go outside. Those determined UV rays are streaming to you all year round. I suggest a tinted moisturizer or BB cream instead of all over foundation. That will allow you to have an even canvas without wreaking havoc on your covered up skin.


Your eyes are said to be the windows of the soul and they are the only expression seen while you are mask-querading. Frankly, drab eyes are not a good look. Everyone of us can do something to bring brightness, life and sparkle to those windows.

This fall’s color forecast can do just that. Consider palettes of golds, browns, earthy fall tones, smoky blues, navy, neutrals, smoldering shades of burnt orange and rust, brooding shades of burgundy and berry. Everyone can wear color on their eyes, whether intense or just a subtle hint. 

Eyeliners also enhance the eyes and bring joy to the face; and they too come in a rainbow of awesome colors. So you’re not sure because you’ve never adorn your eyes — remember this is the era of learning and doing new things you’ve never done before. I wish I could hold a small class and teach you how to play up those peepers. 

For you ladies who already have the glam vibe, play with different eye looks, experiment, have fun because the eye is the limit. My story is I have become an avid cat eye woman. As a makeup artist, I had done winged eyes and cat eyes on everybody but myself. Tried it while sequestered and voila! It’s now my signature look. 

Do I need to mention brows? If you’re not framing those eyes with defined brows you’re going look unfinished and kind of weird. Mascara is a given too and for some additional fun, try false lashes — you’ll like it.


Needless to say your lips are so to speak sealed with a mask and lipstick does not fare well with a barrier. Not to fear, there are wonderful lip stains and tints available that will not transfer. Instead of the tried and true color you always go for, pick a shade you’ve been hesitant to experiment with.

After all, it’s only makeup and it all washes off easy enough. Break the shackles of “same old same old,” indulge yourself, get in front of the mirror and create your fall look — enjoy. 

Color yourself beautiful!

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Marion Edwards is a Licensed Esthetician, Professional Makeup Artist and Certified Trainer for Motives Cosmetics. She can be contacted at 828.773.1500.

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