Sun behind clouds

“I've been working at home since March and haven't put on a full face of makeup since then. I've learned to embrace the little-to-no makeup look and the extra sleep I've had as a result.”

- Heather Brandon

“My folks live in another city, we belong to different churches and rarely get to attend services together. Now, both of our churches are conducting online services and we are enjoying ‘attending’ church together. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share Sunday morning with my parents, even if we are miles apart.”

- Lise Jenkins

“Squash, tomatoes, eggplant, okra, books, writing, hiking, running and time to think and dream are the healthy harvest of 2020.”

- Hollie Eudy

“The silver lining that I have found during this pandemic is while nature is at the center of it, the rest of nature continues on its usual, amazing path. We could be living in close quarters in a big city surrounded by contagious humans. Yet while the virus is here as well, a glance over and a quick hike soon finds us in healing green solitude.”

- Derek Halsey

"The time spent at home has been great for my little farm. I have turned canceled vacation plans into funds for expansion of my orchard. With free Saturdays at home, projects long-ignored, like overgrown areas around the place, are being cleaned up and cleared to make more room for planting."

- Melanie Davis Marshall

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