While some couples have elaborate weddings and others have simple ceremonies, the wedding gown is always something that is remembered. Some wedding gowns are passed down from generation to generation and some are new from the runway. In 2019, wedding dress trends were strongly influenced by the royal wedding of Meghan Markle. According to Brides Magazine, tiaras and capes were a big trend in 2019.

Another trend that has been popular among younger people is metropolitan minimalism. According to Bazaar Bride, “Princess Eugenie and the Duchess of Sussex both opted for gowns that were void of lace and embellishment — and a rise in bridal minimalism soon followed, with designers showcasing simplicity and all things unembellished.” With or without lace and embellishment, the trends still lean towards royalty.

Plunging necklines were also popular trends, but so were dresses with a modest high neck and long sleeves. Bazaar Bride indicates that 2019 was a big year for feathers and other fringe styles on wedding dresses by saying, “2019 is all about flairs for the dramatic, the grand and the over-the-top that make fully feathered looks feel au courant; keep the hair and makeup ethereal, edgy or minimal to avoid this look going costume.”

In 2020, bridal dress trends are expected to follow a lot of what 2019 saw. Whether the dress is minimal and simple, or extravagant with a long veil or cape, the elegance of the dress will be the main component.

More women are steering away from the traditional white dress. According to Brides Magazine, a light shade of lavender and other pastels have become a popular trend. Brides Magazine also suggested that metallic dresses are an “in” statement for those that are “all about glitz and glamour.”

According to The Knot, short dresses are also becoming a more popular trend, perhaps because some women want to show off their legs, while others want to show off their shoes. Short dresses are also more casual, which is great for smaller weddings and eloping. Aside from dresses, jumpsuits and pantsuits have become a new favorite. Some women prefer to change into pants after the wedding ceremony, and wear something less constrictive for the reception afterwards. According to The Knot, these alternatives are “comfortable, figure flattering and totally of the moment.” Bridal trends for 2020 will see a lot more pantsuits with lace details, floral embellishments and metallic features to ensure a modern look.

Louella South, owner and manager of South’s Specialty Clothiers at the Boone Mall, has been working in the wedding gown business for 30 years now. When asked if there were any tips for looking for the right dress, Louella suggested, “If you want to minimize your bust, try a full skirt.'' South also recommended that ball gowns are a very flattering option for full-figured women, and a sheath dress is flattering for petite women.

“All women should feel comfortable in their wedding gown,” Louella says. When asked what advice she would give new brides, she said to take into consideration the time and the place of the wedding.

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