Every photo has a story to tell, even after the person who captured it is no longer able to tell it.

Women who have achieved remarkable success or who are survivors of incredible challenges. This category is also for women who are champions for others, both as mentors and advocates.

Through their service as volunteers and benefactors, these women set the example of how to give back and pay it forward.

From entrepreneurs to innovators, these women are bringing new ideas, approaches and concepts to our community and to their organizations.

Through various activities and efforts, these women are preserving the heritage, music or lifeways of the mountains, or they’re conquering mountains through adventure.

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During the summer of 2017, guests from both near and far found their way to the Blue Ridge Mountains to witness the union of Natasha Smith and Michael Thompson. Adorning the outdoors with an elegant sparkle, the couple’s choice in a “glam-rustic” wedding provided the perfect backdrop for a c…

Following is a list of suggestions similar to those provided by wedding planners for their clients:

“Manage your expectations of how your wedding day, or even how your marriage is ‘supposed’ to be, and let go of comparisons.” - Brittany Andrews Geist

To watch the Radio City Rockettes is to behold perfection. Dazzling smiles. Effortless precision. Those eye-high kicks that make your hamstrings ache just to witness.

“She loves the broken ones, the ones that need a little patchin’ up. She sees the diamond in the rough and makes it shine like new. It really doesn’t take that much, a willing heart and a tender touch. If everybody loved like she does, there’d be a lot less broken ones.”

Often family histories and stories of relatives are shared by word of mouth or old photos from generation to generation. Through the years, stories may stop being told, and photos can be misplaced. If gone undocumented, family histories and the stories of past ancestors could eventually be l…

Meet four local women who work with their hands to achieve beauty, function, and inner peace.

Beth Satterfield has never scored a touchdown, called a play or kicked a field goal. But she is just as invested in the success of Appalachian State University’s football program as the men who pass the pigskin.

“Most adults have a voice in our head that says, ‘I’m not an artist; I can’t do this,’” says Pegge Laine, director of outreach for the Turchin Center for Visual Arts. “We look at a picture and say, ‘I can’t draw,’ but that has nothing to do with being creative and playing. I believe and stre…

Since 1978, the Valle Crucis community has welcomed visitors to share in its celebration of the bountiful harvest that comes with fall. Surrounded by the golden glow of fall colors, the delicious smells of simmering Brunswick stew and sweet apple butter, and with a feeling akin to exhilarati…

Pairing casual elegance with an eclectic flair, Dianne Davant has spent almost 40 years adorning homes in the High Country with both comfort and beauty. As she describes, “A home provides more than just shelter. It is where we make memories with friends and family. It is where we can relax a…

The Zamagni household in the small town of Putnam, Conn., was filled with music for as long as Penelope “Penny” Zamagni can remember. From her dad William’s record collection and affinity for radio, to watching her brothers host basement band practices, Penny — the youngest of four — began a…

The Grand Boulevard neighborhood, rising up behind the Jones House in downtown Boone, is not only the closest neighborhood to King Street — it’s also one of the oldest neighborhoods in Boone.

When Sarah Grady walks through a house or a construction site, she doesn’t see what’s there, but what it can be. The project coordinator sees the potential for a home that can be good for the people inside of it, and the planet that it’s on.

Being around Kelly McCoy, founder and owner of RiverGirl Fishing Company in Todd, is like getting a vitamin B12 shot. She’s full of energy no matter the topic of conversation, but when she talks about local rivers and the life beneath the surface, you’ve hit a gold mine of energy and information.

On a blustery early spring Saturday in the High Country, a small but enthusiastic band of parents and kids tighten up their shoe laces, strap on their backpacks, sip from their water bottles and cluster in front of their group leader for a brief talk before embarking on their impending exped…

Nestled in a corner of Newland’s city limits, Doris Greene enjoys listening to the babbling creek that cuts through her front yard, watching the surrounding mountains change with the seasons, and recalling the memories she’s made in a place she loves.

In honor of Women's History Month, All About Women is proud to feature 15 women who are making their mark on the High Country through varied achievements, service projects, innovations, and acts of kindness.

Rebecca Gummere of Sugar Grove has wanderlust. She always has. Maybe it’s from moving frequently as a child with her family or maybe it’s a byproduct of her adventurous spirit, but whatever the cause, it’s undeniable.


Established in 1919, Boone Drug is committed to serving our customers with the highest quality and care with our 17 locations.

Has anyone ever told you, perhaps during a difficult time in your life, that everything happens for a reason? For many of us, it can take years before we fully understand that the waves of life were actually a part of a larger current leading us safely to shore.

Jackie Newell and David Garner have been friends since seventh grade. They attended the same schools, exchanged messages on AOL instant messenger and enjoyed friendships with many of the same people.

All About Weddings features four engagement sessions shot in the High Country of North Carolina. Click on the photos to see more shots from each session.

“Things will go wrong, but focus on the important stuff; Remember to be happy, have fun, and savor the people and the moment.”

Most fairytales end with the promising line, “And they lived happily ever after…” with nothing more written about the bride and groom who have traversed many miles and overcome all manner of obstacles to meet their soulmates at the altar and promise forever. At All About Women, we were not s…

Following is a list of suggestions similar to those provided by wedding planners for their clients:

Until she was driving her oldest of three daughters to her first day of kindergarten in 2010, Amber Bateman hadn’t realized the scope of homeless and needy families in Boone. In fact, she didn’t realize there was a problem until she drove past the old Hospitality House and saw a little girl …

When singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and all-around force of nature Melissa Reaves initially conceived her now legendary Holiday Show in 2002, the goal was simple: to provide fans and friends with a night where they could dine, drink and enjoy a unique musical performance in a class…