Wasn’t this a fun community experience? We enjoyed our stroll on the Blue Ridge Parkway Viaduct back in May.

As a kid, 100 years seemed like a very long time to me.

But as my own age climbs more than a third of the way toward the century mark, it doesn’t feel like such a long time anymore.

Hard to believe, isn’t it, that women have only had the right to vote in this country for 100 years. Or that slavery ended only 155 years ago. Or that our nation itself is 244 years young.

It’s hard to believe that these freedoms and institutions we take for granted are short segments on the long timeline of human history, and that, like other eras of civilization, their permanence is not guaranteed. It’s important to realize that, to exercise our rights and to guard our freedoms closely.

On that note, are you registered to vote? New this year, you can actually register to vote online in North Carolina if you are a DMV customer with an N.C. driver’s license or DMV-issued ID. Visit for more information, or call (828) 265-8061 to reach our local elections office.

And if you haven’t yet responded to the 2020 Census, there’s still time! Because of COVID-19, the deadline for self-response has been extended to Oct. 31, 2020. Visit to complete the 10-minute Census questionnaire.

Our gracious thanks goes to AppHealthCare Director Jennifer Greene for taking time out of her very busy schedule to tell us a little about herself and the health department’s work in leading the local response to the public health crisis.

It’s been a difficult five months as the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of our lives, and it’s the reason All About Women had to skip the May-June issue this year. We’re glad to be back with the July-August edition.

Be safe and be kind, and please remember the 3 Ws: Wear a Mask. Wait Six Feet Apart. Wash Your Hands.

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