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Dr. Amber McNamara: Compassion for All Creatures

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Dr. Amber McNamara: Compassion for All Creatures

A measure of excitement moved through the May Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at Lees-McRae College on the day the staff discovered that a bald eagle would be sent to receive their services. The necessary space was provided and the equipment made ready. Just before the majestic bird’s arrival, a baby mouse was carried to the facility, also in need of care.

Dr. Amber McNamara fondly remembers that particular day at her clinic. Preparing for the regal presence of the eagle could have easily overshadowed the mouse, an animal many might disregard. However, Amber describes with pride that both animals received the same measure of meticulous care on that day. Both received a physical exam, pain medication and a comfortable and suitable habitat. Both were treated with respect as Amber’s staff practiced their philosophy for best care.


An owl is a patient at the May Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.


A student holds up an Ambassador owl housed at the center that is missing an eye.


A duck's injured wing has been wrapped.


Dr. Amber McNamara points to an x-ray of injuries to a wild crow currently being rehabilitated at the center. The center can now x-ray wildlife patients in-house.


Dr. Amber McNamara examines an injured crow’s wing.


Dr. Amber McNamara examines an injured crow’s wing.

Box turtle

Dr. Amber shows a box turtle, temporarily housed for rehabilitation at the center, whose broken shell is held together with removable metal clamps.

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